Google says Denmark is reviewing its taxes there

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National tax authorities have initiated a review of Google’s accounts in Denmark to determine whether the search giant has some outstanding tax obligation, the comany has said.

Google’s Danish unit, Google Denmark, stated in its own financial report for 2019 that taxation authorities had”commenced a review of the open tax years concerning the company’s tax position”.

The Danish tax jurisdiction declined to comment on the inspection. Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is one of several European leaders that have advocated for multi-national tech organisations to pay more tax in countries where they operate.

Google, possessed by parent company Alphabet Inc, employs over 100 individuals in Denmark and earned revenue of 284 million Danish crowns (approximately $45.4 million) there annually. It stated in the financial statement it had not made any provisions to the tax review.

“We are in ongoing dialogue with the Danish tax authorities, and we generally speaking pay the tax they ask us to,” Christine Sorensen, head of public policy in Google in Denmark, said in a statement.

“It is no secret that as an international company, we pay most of our tax – more than 80% – in the United States, where we belong.”

Google declined to give more detail regarding the situation.

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The news was first reported by Danish website media Finans.

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