Bing, along with smaller firms, win Google’s Android search auction in Europe

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Microsoft’s Bing, PrivacyWall and were among the search engines which won a penny auction by Alphabet’s Google to show up as search choices on new Android apparatus in 31 European countries.

Google offered to allow rivals to bid for advertising space at the top of a search page on Android apparatus following the European Union in 2018 fined the search titan billions for violating antitrust rules.

The business started announcing quarterly auction results from March to provide users three suppliers alongside Google. Google as well as the voucher winners will be ordered randomly in the option screen on a user’s device.

In the most recent October-December auction, Bing won the rights in 13 nations, Puerto Rico-based PrivacyWall in 22 countries and US-based got all 31 countries. Other winners included privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo, Germany’s GMX and Russian internet giant Yandex.

DuckDuckGo, that won the auction in eight states, criticised the process, saying it encouraged bidders to exploit users.

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“Google’s auction further incentivizes search engines to be worse on privacy, to increase ads, and to not donate to good causes, because, if they do those things, then they could afford to bid higher,” DuckDuckGo said in a blog article.

“In developing the choice screen for Europe, we carefully balanced providing users with yet more choice while ensuring that we can continue to invest in developing and maintaining the open-source Android platform for the long-term,” she explained.

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