Using Huawei in UK 5G telecoms infrastructure ‘would be madness’


Senior US government officials from the US National Economic Council and National Security Agency presented the UK government with new evidence on Monday about what it sees as risks of including Huawei Technologies equipment in the future 5G mobile networks.

The BBC and Guardian newspaper have stated that a US source branded it “madness”.

Officials from both countries and the telecoms industry met on Monday ahead of Britain’s decision, expected later this month, on whether to deploy technology from the China-based tech giant.

Washington is currently intensifying its efforts to persuade the UK government not to use Huawei’s telecommunications equipment in its 5G infrastructure, over what the US says are notable security risks.

“Senior US officials told a group of reporters that using Huawei technology for 5G in the UK would be ‘an act of madness’ shortly after presenting a dossier of new evidence to ministers,” the Guardian’s Defence and Security Editor said in a tweet.

A decision by the British is expected this month as to whether to allow Huawei Technologies to supply some parts for the UK network. The decision is seen by some as vital to the ongoing intelligence-sharing roles the UK and US participate, with President Donald J Trump privately raising the issue with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his predecessor Theresa May.

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