Russia’s FAS launches investigation into

Hotel and Motel

Russia’s Federal Anti-monopoly Service has opened an investigation into the popular hotel reservation website, the regulator said on the 30th December.

According to the FAS, the company asked hotels and hostels to list the same prices on other reservation sites as it does on owned properties. If the regulator finds that the Amsterdam, Netherlands-based company is in breach of its anti-competition laws, the company faces a fine of anywhere between 1% and 15% of total revenue generated in Russia.

The Russian investigation follows a separate case against the company by the EU. last week committed to bring its practices in line with European Union consumer law.

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets and an EU executive had been working with through the past calendar year and have stated that the company will modify its practices to align with EU consumer law.

The relevant changes will be made by June 16 of 2020.

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