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Supreme Court US

US Supreme Court divided over Google bid to end Oracle suit

The US Supreme Court appears divided on whether to shield Google from a long-running litigation by Oracle accusing it of infringing Oracle Corp’s copyrights to construct the ...


Google faces new antitrust case in India over abuse in smart TVs market

Google is facing a new antitrust case in India where the US tech giant is alleged to have abused its Android functioning system’s position from the wise television marketplac...

Digital Tax US

Wanted: global digital tax push after pandemic, US vote stall talks

Negotiators from 140 countries will inquire Washington and its own G20 partners this week to reaffirm political support for global rules to tax digital giants following the coronav...


Apple announces ‘speed’ event next week, with new iPhones expected

Apple has said  it would hold a special event on the 13th of October, which analysts believe will be used to unveil new iPhones with 5G capacities.

Tech Titans

American lawmakers detail Big Tech’s market abuses and press for reform

A US House of Representatives panel that is currently looking into abuses of market power by four platform businesses discovered they used “killer acquisitions” to smit...


How ‘Big Tech’ gain and maintain market dominance

Democrats from a US House of Representatives subcommittee issued a report detailing strategies it said four of the largest platform businesses used to gain dominant placement in on...


Microsoft Corp plans to build hub for cloud services in Greece

Microsoft is to construct a data centre hub in Greece as it erupts in cloud solutions infrastructure in the nation, a boon to an economy weakened by a decade-long debt crisis and t...


Paytm and other Indian start-ups vow to fight ‘big daddy’ Google

Dozens of India’s leading tech start-ups, chafing at Google’s local dominance of key apps, are banding together to consider strategies to challenge the US tech giant, s...


Under pressure Google starts to play nice with its smaller rivals

Small rivals of Google say they are seeing signs of more benevolent behaviour from the internet advertising leader amid accusations by the US government that the company uses its d...

Social Media Giants

Platform CEO’s will testify before US Senate committee

The CEO’s of Facebook, Twitter and Google have agreed to voluntarily testify in a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee on October the 28th about an integral law prote...

Google CEO

Google to pay publishers $1 billion over three years for news content

Google intends to pay $1 billion to publishers globally for their news over the next 3 years, its Chief Executive has said, a measure that could allow it to win over a powerful gro...


With warm words and fast visas, neighbours woo IT workers in Belarus

After Max Korolevsky stated he was detained and then beaten by security forces during protests in Belarus, he asked the IT company he works for to transfer him to neighbouring Ukra...


European Union drafts rules to force big tech to share data

The EU is preparing to force big technology companies to share their client information with smaller rivals, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday, citing an early draft of its...

Tim Cook

Apple grants Tim Cook his first major stock package since 2011

The Board of Apple has granted their Chief Executive Tim Cook 333,987 restricted stock units, having a possibility to make as many as 667,974 more if he strikes performance goals, ...