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Platform News: Apple logo on a retail store window

Flaw in iPhone and iPads may have allowed hackers to steal data for years

Apple is planning to fix a flaw that a security firm said may have left more than 500 million iPhones and iPads vulnerable to hackers. 

Platform News: Apple logo on a retail store window

Apple expands services business to markets in Africa and beyond

Apple has just said it would expand its App Store, Apple Music and other services to dozens of new markets in Africa, the Middle East and beyond in the biggest geographical expansi...

Platform News: Alibaba online marketplace

Alibaba to invest $28 billion in cloud services after coronavirus boosted demand

Alibaba Group has said it will invest 200 billion yuan (approximately $28 billion) in its cloud infrastructure over three years, a plan that follows a boom in demand for business s...

Platform News: COVID-19 and coronavirus

European coronavirus app platform gaining traction with governments

A European technology platform to support smartphone apps that can help trace people at risk of infection by the new coronavirus is gaining support from governments, one of its pri...

Platform News: iPhones in a retail store

Goldman Sachs predicts 36% drop in iPhone shipment, suggests its time to sell Apple shares

Goldman Sachs says it expects iPhone shipment to drop some 36% during the current quarter due to coronavirus-related lockdowns around the world and downgraded Apple stock to a R...

Platform Industry: Apple and Google Alliance COVID-19 apps

The Apple and Google alliance welcomed by European coronavirus app platform

Apple’s collaboration with Google will make it quicker to get systems for tracing coronavirus infections up and running, according to the prime mover behind a pan-European ef...

Platform News: Apple logo on a retail store window

Apple launches website to show how coronavirus lockdowns affect movement

Apple has said it would release data that could help inform public health authorities on whether people are driving less during lockdown orders to slow the spread of the new corona...

Platform Industry: ongoing COVID-19 coverage, tracking and tracing

UK’s NHS working with Apple and Google on an app to track coronavirus – report

Interested to read that the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has been working on a mobile phone app with Google and Apple that the British government hopes will help in end...

Platform News: Google search engine

Apple and Google plan software to slow virus, joining global debate on tracking

Apple and Google have announced that they will work together to create contact tracing technology that aims to slow the spread of the coronavirus by allowing users to opt into logg...

Platform News: Apple logo on a retail store window

Apple doubles China donations for COVID-19 recovery efforts

Apple more than doubled its donation to China’s efforts to fight COVID-19 to over 50 million yuan ($7 million), CEO Tim Cook posted on Weibo on Wednesday, weeks after the iPh...

Platform Industry: iPhone unboxed at home

Apple limits online iPhone purchases to two per person

Apple Inc is limiting customer purchases of iPhones over its online stores in many countries including the US and China to a maximum of two handsets per person, checks on its websi...

Platform News: Amazon packages ready for delivery

Amazon asks shoppers to cooperate with US probe of coronavirus price-gouging

Amazon.com Inc has started asking customers to cooperate with a Department of Justice criminal investigation of third-party sellers on its e-commerce marketplace, according to an e...

Platform News: Apple logo

French antitrust regulator fines Apple $1.2 billion

France’s competition watchdog on Monday fined iPhone maker Apple approximately $1.23 billion, saying it was guilty of anti-competitive behaviour towards its distribution and ...

Platform Industry: Microsoft operating system users

Microsoft asks staff in Seattle and Silicon Valley to work from home

Microsoft Corp has joined the growing number of US companies asking employees to work from home in order to limit exposure to the spreading coronavirus outbreak, as it responded to...