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Epic Games asks court to prevent what it describes as Apple’s ‘retaliation’

Epic Games have said they has asked a court to prevent what it saw as Apple Inc’s retaliation from the Fortnite creator after the iPhone maker terminated Epic Games’ de...

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Apple to delay privacy change threatening Facebook, mobile ad market

Apple has said that it will delay until early next year changes to its privacy policy that could reduce ad sales by Facebook and other companies targeting users on iPhones and iPad...

Platform Industry: Apple and Google Alliance COVID-19 apps

Google and Apple roll out built-in COVID-19 exposure notifications

Google and Apple have declared a new system that will enable public health authorities to use smartphones to assist in contact tracing without needing to build an app.


New season of ‘Fortnite’ is here, but iOS users miss out

Epic Games launched the new season of the mega hit video game “Fortnite” on Thursday, pitting Marvel super heroes against Fantastic Four-villain Galactus in the first u...

Hong Kong Activist

Hong Kong activist warns West to shun ties to Chinese tech

Chinese businesses like Huawei pose a threat to the West, a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist has said on a trip to Italy, ahead of the Italian foreign ministry’s meeting with...

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Microsoft says Apple’s move against ‘Fortnite’ creator would hurt its games

Microsoft Corp has stated in a court filing that Apple’s threat to cut off the founder of “Fortnite” from Apple’s developer tools would harm Microsoft’...

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Apple Korea proposes $84 million to support local SME’s

Apple’s South Korean business unit has suggested measures to deal with antitrust concerns and provided to supply 100 billion won (approximately $84.02 million) worth of suppo...

US China relations

In US-China tech rivalry, investors bet on China’s localisation push

Since the US-China “tech war” rages on, investors are betting on China’s attempts to substitute and/or clone US technologies with native applications to operate n...

Platform News: Tim Cook is the happy CEO of Apple

Apple’s stock market value hits $2 trillion

Just two years after Apple became the first publicly listed US company to achieve a $1 trillion stock market value, the iPhone maker has topped $2 trillion.

Platform Industry: Google News

Google turns Android phones into earthquake sensors

Google’s Android mobiles have started discovering earthquakes around the globe to provide data that could give countless users valuable seconds of warning of a tremor nearby,...

Platform News: iPhones in a retail store

Russia’s competition watchdog says Apple abused mobile app market dominance

Russian competition watchdog FAS has said that Apple has abused its dominant position in the mobile programs market through its App Store for iOS devices and will issue an order de...

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Facebook and Microsoft’s gripes with Apple’s App Store on EU’s radar

Facebook and Microsoft’s smouldering grievance over how their gaming apps look on Apple’s App Store may feed into European Union research into the iPhone maker’s ...

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Microsoft’s bid for TikTok spotlights its history with China

Microsoft has emerged as the most likely buyer of the US operations of TikTok, the popular Chinese short-video app that President Trump is preparing to effectively ban on national ...

Platform Industry: Microsoft operating system users

Microsoft’s attempt to acquire TikTok endears old company to new generation

Microsoft has emerged as a saviour to young users of TikTok, who praised the technology sector giant for attempting to buy parts of social networking company’s operations, in...