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Apple to reopen about 100 stores in the US, most with curbside pickup

Apple plans to reopen about 100 stores in the United States, mostly with curbside pickup but some with walk-in service, the company said on Tuesday.

Apple and Google Alliance COVID-19

Latvia to launch Google-Apple friendly coronavirus contact tracing app

The small Baltic nation of Latvia aims to become one of the first countries to launch a smartphone app using a new toolkit created by US technology giants Apple and Google to help ...

Apple and Google Alliance COVID-19

Apple-Google contact tracing app draws interest in 23 countries, some hedge bets

Authorities in 23 countries across five continents have sought access to contact tracing technology from Apple and Google, the companies announced as they released the initial vers...


Apple reopening 25 more stores in America, will soon top 100 worldwide

Apple will this week reopen more than 25 of its branded stores in the US, the company has said, continuing a gradual process that has unlocked doors at nearly a fifth of its worldw...

European Commission

European Union looks for evidence to rein in US tech giants

Tech giants such as Facebook and Amazon could face tougher rules as EU regulators seek evidence to curb their role as gatekeepers to the internet and access to people, information ...

Apple and Google Alliance COVID-19

Apple and Google ban use of location tracking in contact tracing apps

Apple and Google have said they would ban the use of location tracking in apps that use a new contact tracing system the two are building to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus app

Germany flips to Apple-Google approach on smartphone contact tracing

Germany has changed course over which type of smartphone technology it wanted to use to trace coronavirus infections, backing an approach supported by Apple and Google along with a...

Contact Tracing App

Showdown looms between Silicon Valley and US states over contact tracing

US states promoting apps that could prove essential to ending the coronavirus lockdown may be headed for a showdown with the two Silicon Valley companies that control key software ...

Republic of Ireland PM

Ireland should consider forcing Google and Facebook to pay media for content – PM

The government of the Republic of Ireland should consider copying Australia’s plan to force Facebook and Google to share advertising revenue with local media, Prime Minister ...


Apple says ‘no evidence’ iPhone mail flaw was used against customers

Apple has said that it has found “no evidence” a flaw in its Email app for iPhones and iPads has been used against customers, and that it believes the flaw does “...


Flaw in iPhone and iPads may have allowed hackers to steal data for years

Apple is planning to fix a flaw that a security firm said may have left more than 500 million iPhones and iPads vulnerable to hackers.


Apple expands services business to markets in Africa and beyond

Apple has just said it would expand its App Store, Apple Music and other services to dozens of new markets in Africa, the Middle East and beyond in the biggest geographical expansi...


Alibaba to invest $28 billion in cloud services after coronavirus boosted demand

Alibaba Group has said it will invest 200 billion yuan (approximately $28 billion) in its cloud infrastructure over three years, a plan that follows a boom in demand for business s...


European coronavirus app platform gaining traction with governments

A European technology platform to support smartphone apps that can help trace people at risk of infection by the new coronavirus is gaining support from governments, one of its pri...