Two former eBay workers plead guilty to cyberstalking campaign


Two former eBay workers have pleaded guilty to participating in a comprehensive cyberstalking campaign against a Massachusetts couple whose online newsletter was seen by top executives as critical of their e-commerce business.

Federal prosecutors in Boston said former eBay international intelligence group members Stephanie Popp and Veronica Zea along with other employees plagued the couple through Twitter and delivered them disturbing packages like a bloody Halloween pig mask.

Prosecutors plan to urge prison periods of 41 weeks for Popp, 33, and 30 months for Zea, 26, if they’re later sentenced.

They are among seven defendants, including former eBay security executives James Baugh and David Harville, who prosecutors said targeted the bunch in Natick, Massachusetts, together with threatening messages and unwanted deliveries, such as a box of live cockroaches and a funeral wreath.

Prosecutors said they also sent porn in the couple’s name to neighbours and conducted covert surveillance, in an effort to terrorize the couple and dissuade them from criticizing eBay.

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They did so after two top executives expressed frustration with all the newsletter, EcommerceBytes. The executives included former CEO Devin Wenig, who a individual acquainted with the matter has said is that the “Executive 1” identified in court documents.

Prosecutors stated Wenig texted another executive after the newsletter’s editor printed an article about eBay, stating it was time to “take her down.”

Wenig has not yet been charged and has denied knowing about the strategy. He is a member of General Motors Co’s board. Wenig’s spokesman didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Three other former eBay workers are advised to plead guilty later this month.

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