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Founder of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners Lee

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee says “fad” of platform giants will pass

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has said the dominance of internet giants is a “fad” that does not have to endure, adding that urgent change was ne...


Flipkart in early talks for US listing via SPAC deal

India’s Flipkart is exploring going public in the United States through a deal with a blank-check firm, although a traditional stock market listing is much more likely, peopl...

Platform News: Amazon packages

Emerging bolsters defences as Amazon enters Poland

As sets its sights on central and eastern Europe, the e-commerce giant will need to convince long-time Allegro shoppers like Elzbieta Modrakowska to click away from the ...

Platform News: the Tech Titans

BofA: Big tech-led equity inflows fuelling ‘mother-of-all asset bubbles’

A record rush to ‘big tech’ stocks saw equity funds bagging $27.8 billion inflows last week with the ongoing ultra-easy monetary policy creating the “mother-of-al...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

Big Tech’s Democratic critics discuss ways to strike back with White House

Congressional Democrats have begun discussions with the Biden regime on ways to crack down on Big Tech. These include making social media companies accountable for the spread of di...

Platform Industry: Ebay app and online marketplaces

UK watchdog voices concern over $9.2 billion eBay-Adevinta deal

The UK competition watchdog has raised concerns over Adevinta’s planned acquisition of US e-commerce group eBay’s classified ads business, sending the Norwegian company...

Platform Industry: Amazon corporate logo on a wall

Amazon takes battle with Future Group to India’s top court

Amazon took its legal challenge against partner Future Group’s $3.4 billion retail assets sale to India’s Supreme Court, as the US online marketplace tries to stop a ma...

Platform Industry News: People looking at an iPhone 11

Fear? China issues anti-monopoly rules targeting its platform giants

China’s market regulator released new anti-monopoly guidelines on Sunday that target internet platforms, tightening existing restrictions faced by the country’s tech gi...

Platform News: China's Alibaba online marketplace

Alibaba beats revenue forecast as Chinese shadow of regulators fall

Alibaba has beaten Wall Street estimates for third-quarter revenue, as its e-commerce business benefited from a switch to online shopping triggered by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Platform Industry: China's Tencent

Douyin sues Tencent for monopolistic behaviour

ByteDance’s wildly popular short-video app Douyin has filed a complaint with a court in Beijing to sue Tencent for monopolistic behaviour and asked compensation, ByteDance ha...

European Commission

EU versus ‘Big Tech’ hearing pushed back by two months

EU lawmakers, who are gearing up to curb the power of US tech giants, have told Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google that they are willing to push back a proposed the 1st of February...


‘Greenwashing’ is rampant in online stores, consumer authorities find

Many of the “green” claims on companies’ websites are exaggerated, false and potentially illegal, according to a study of online shops and traders by the European...

Platform Economy: Walmart retail store and online marketplace

Walmart plans big push to challenge Amazon on advertising

Walmart plans to expand its marketing business, including space for advertising at its US stores and sharing its enormous trove of retail data with brands, the world’s larges...

Platform Industry: Sleepy Joe Biden talking to a small room of activists

Joe Biden to reopen online health insurance marketplaces

President Biden will reopen the nation’s online health insurance market for people who cannot obtain coverage through their companies, the White House has said.