Amazon’s foreign websites named in US piracy and counterfeiting report

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Several of Amazon’s foreign websites have been added to the US trade regulator’s “Notorious Markets” report on marketplaces known for counterfeiting and piracy concerns. 

The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) cited allegations of counterfeit goods sold on the Seattle-based online retailer’s websites in Canada, Germany, France, India and the UK.

The office is “considering seeking more information regarding e-commerce platforms, including those based in the US, in future reviews of Notorious Markets,” it added.

Amazon said it strongly disagreed with the report, describing it as a “purely political act” and an example of the US administration under President Trump “using the US government to advance a personal vendetta against Amazon.”

Amazon has tangled often with Trump since he became President. Trump has accused the Washington Post newspaper, owned by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, of unfair coverage of his administration.

Over the years, the list has included China’s largest e-commerce platform,, which is owned and operated by Alibaba Group, as well as websites operated out of Indonesia, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries.

Last year, the American Apparel and Footwear Association, for the second year in a row, urged the USTR to include foreign domains owned and operated by Amazon on the list.

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The USTR said it had received complaints that seller information displayed by Amazon was often misleading and allegations it was too easy for anyone to sell on Amazon “because Amazon does not sufficiently vet sellers on its platforms.”

Amazon said it has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and employs several thousand employees in an effort to protect against fraud and abuse, adding that more funding and resources are needed for law enforcement.

Just yesterday, the e-commerce giant announced plans to undertake video conference calls with new merchants. 

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