Amazon adds spherical Echo speakers to its line-up of voice-controlled gadgets

Platform News: Amazon building has announced the newest additions to the line-up of voice-controlled gadgets, such as Echo and Echo scatter speakers with a new spherical design.

Amazon also announced updates such as a natural tone because of its own voice helper Alexa and an improved capacity to discern whether language is directed at Alexa or at other people in a household.

The world’s largest online retailer has worked for many years to popularize televisions, speakers and other devices which customers activate through speech. A target has been to draw shoppers to services in the company, while Amazon Music played on its suite of Echo speakers or products arranged by voice from

The company has embraced a strategy of advertising different devices for various purposes, such as voice-controlled ear buds and eyewear. Amazon announced a fitness band last month which tracks health and offers to analyse the emotion and tone in users’ speech.

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Rivals including Apple and Google are competing to be the top platform for voice gadgets. Apple’s assistant Siri has had the advantage of being installed on consumers’ iPhones, but in the US market for smart speakers, Amazon’s devices with helper Alexa have had a clear lead, according to research from firm eMarketer.

Amazon’s stock is up more than 60% annually, while the grade S&P 500 is approximately flat. In July, Amazon announced that the biggest quarterly gain in its 26-year history.

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