TIM Chief Executive says not a problem to develop 5G without Huawei


The head of Telecom Italia has said Italy’s former telecoms monopoly would have no trouble growing 5G infrastructure should the government to prohibit Chinese provider Huawei Technologies.

The US government has urged allies to exclude Huawei from their next-generation communications infrastructure because it sees a risk the group could provide China a strategic opening to spy on the West. Huawei rejects the charges.

Italy passed laws last year committing the authorities unique vetting powers over 5G provide deals between domestic firms and non-EU providers, such as Huawei, but it has not gone as far as to ban the Chinese vendor.

Siding with its geopolitical allies in Washington DC, the UK in July ordered telecoms operators to prevent purchasing any 5G gear from Huawei at the close of the year and demanded the network be purged of any existing gear from the Chinese provider by 2027.

Talking to the media throughout the annual Ambrosetti forum on Lake Como, Telecom Italia (TIM) Chief Executive Officer Luigi Guibitosi ruled out an identical situation posing an obstacle to TIM.

He explained Huawei was merely one of several suppliers TIM had, of which the major one was Sweden’s Ericsson, while rivals Nokia and Huawei had a bigger function.

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“If you’re asking if I anticipate any problems were we to find ourselves in a situation like Britain’s, the answer is no,” he explained.

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom has asked that no telecoms equipment vendor be warranted, contrary to calls from some lawmakers to ban Huawei on national security grounds.

TIM in July abandoned Huawei out of an invitation to tender for a contract to supply 5G gear for core system infrastructure, where sensitive information is processed, in Italy and Brazil.

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