Setback for Nokia in German patent battle with Lenovo


A German appeals court on Monday raised the enforcement of an injunction won by Nokia Oyj in a patent dispute by Lenovo Group to block the world’s largest PC maker from selling its goods in Europe’s largest market.

Nokia last month imposed the order issued by a lower court in Munich, which discovered Lenovo had violated the terms of its patented H.264 video-compression technology that’s commonly used in computers and smartphones.

Responding, Nokia said the appeals court’s decision did not signal it’d side with Lenovo about the merits of this case, “We are confident that our case will hold on appeal.”

Nokia launched its legal battle against Lenovo last year over alleged infringement of 20 patents. The Finnish company has ongoing cases against Lenovo in the US, Brazil and India, along with six in Germany.

Such remains are common in German court conflicts and typically remain in force until a last judgment on the merits of this situation. The case revolves around whether permit charges for H.264 sought by Nokia from Lenovo are fair and reasonable.

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