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T-Mobile owner sets sights on becoming dominant in the United States

BONN, Germany (Reuters) – Deutsche Telekom is aiming to become market leader in the United States, Chief Executive Tim Hoettges has said, now that a deal for its T-Mobile US ...

Platform Industry: Huawei, 5G infrastructure and the EU

United States urges the EU to use 5G by Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung

LISBON (Reuters) – European Union countries have no reason to use 5G mobile technology from Huawei because Sweden’s Ericsson, Finland’s Nokia and South Korea̵...

Platform Industry: iPhone unboxed at home

Apple hits back at the European Union over universal charger proposal

Apple has hit back against European Union lawmakers renewed call for a common smartphone charger, warning the move could hamper innovation across the industry.


Using Huawei in UK 5G telecoms infrastructure ‘would be madness’

Senior US government officials from the US National Economic Council and National Security Agency presented the UK government with new evidence on Monday about what it sees as risk...


Timeline: Deals by major suppliers in the race for 5G

(Reuters) – Chinese technology giant Huawei is locked in a race with rivals Nokia and Ericsson to build next-generation 5G networks, even as several governments weigh up secu...

Platform Economy: The technology sector in Paris, France

France launches procedure for 5G licenses

PARIS (Reuters) – The French government said on Tuesday it had launched a procedure for assigning 5G frequency licenses after it approved specifications proposed by the commu...

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German coalition delays decision on 5G rollout

BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and their Social Democrat partners have delayed until next year a decision on security rules for GermanyR...

Platform News: China

Feature or bug? Translation key on China’s WeChat takes jabs at other country’s flags

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese social media giant Tencent Holdings Ltd said on Tuesday that it will fix a “translation bug” on its chat app WeChat that sends out di...

Platform News: Huawei Technologies

Telefonica to drastically reduce Huawei kit for its 5G network

MADRID (Reuters) – Spain’s Telefonica plans to drastically reduce the amount of equipment it buys from Chinese tech giant Huawei for the core of its next-generation mob...


WTO ban on tariffs for digital trade extended until June 2020

GENEVA (Reuters) – World Trade Organisation (WTO) members agreed on Tuesday to renew a 20-year moratorium on placing tariffs on digital trade for six months, allaying fears t...

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Huawei to roll out itds Harmony OS to more products next year

Huawei Technologies, the Shenzhen, China-based tech titan plans to equip more of its products with its Harmony operating system next year, and will promote them at home and abroad....

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Trade war goes digital: countries eye tariffs on Internet economy

GENEVA (Reuters) – A 20-year global moratorium on imposing tariffs on digital trade could end next week if India or South Africa makes good on threats, according to trade off...

Platform News: Huawei Technologies

Trump says Huawei is a security risk as NATO seeks secure 5G

WATFORD, England (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei was a security risk after NATO said it needed secure nex...

Platform News: Huawei Technologies

Huawei appeals against FCC decision

Huawei has mounted a legal challenge against the United States Federal Communications Commission after the it had designated the China-based tech giant as a security threat and mov...