Huawei confident it will supply core networks technology to European operators

Platform Industry: Huawei, 5G infrastructure and the EU

Controversial China-based telecom equipment maker Huawei is confident some European telecoms will choose it to provide 5G technology for their core networks, the chief representative to the EU, Abraham Liu, told Reuters on Friday.

“It’s important to let them (operators) have the freedom of choice, and they are going to judge which supplier can bring them the best business value,” Liu told Reuters in Copenhagen.

The European Union in January unveiled new 5G guidelines for member states, in which it allowed countries to decide what part Huawei can play in 5G telecoms networks.

This follows from the ongoing controversy surrounding the UK government allowing Huawei to be part of its 5G infrastructure.

(Via Reuters; Reporting by Nikolaj Skydsgaard; editing by David Evans)

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