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Federal Communications Commission

FCC votes to maintain 2017 repeal of net neutrality rules

The US Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 on Tuesday to maintain its 2017 repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules, even after a federal court led a review of some provisi...


How Samsung’s ownership may change as heirs take over

South Korea’s strong Lee household faces a struggle to keep control of Samsung Group, the nation’s largest conglomerate, after the death of patriarch and group Chairman...

Lee Kun-hee

Samsung’s Lee: tainted titan who built a global tech giant

Back in the February of 1993, some five years after taking over from his father at South Korea’s Samsung Group, the 51-year-old Lee Kun-hee was frustrated that he wasn’...

Huawei Technologies

Huawei manages third-quarter revenue growth as US restrictions bite

Huawei Technologies managed a profit in the third-quarter revenue as the effect of the coronavirus pandemic added to supply-chain woes brought about by US restrictions on doing bus...


South Korean antitrust chief says Google has undermined competition

South Korea’s antitrust chief has said the agency considers US search engine Google has undermined competition, including that the bureau intends to present an instance to it...

Joe Biden

Google’s antitrust legal woes far from over if Biden wins

The US Justice Department’s nascent antitrust case against Google will probably find the attention it should succeed if Democrat Joe Biden wins the US presidency following mo...

Fake News

How social media companies will handle post-US election scenarios

In the run-up to the US election in November, social networking companies such as Facebook and Twitter have announced a slew of new rules for assorted post-election scenarios.


US case against Google seen benefiting from Obama-nominated judge

The range of US District Judge Amit Mehta, chosen to the court by President Obama, to listen to that the US Justice Department’s case against Google, suggests a tough court b...


China urges Sweden to reverse its Huawei and ZTE ban

Sweden needs to reverse its ban on Chinese telecommunications businesses Huawei Technologies and ZTE in a projected 5G spectrum auction to avoid a “negative impact” on ...


Google antitrust case to turn on how search engine grew dominant

The US government’s antitrust case against Google appears strong, but could face an uphill battle from a business-friendly judiciary that may question whether a free search e...

Huawei Technologies

Sweden bans Huawei and ZTE from upcoming 5G networks

Sweden has banned telecoms gear from Huawei Technologies and ZTE within its own 5G community, linking other European nations that have restricted the use of Chinese providers on sa...


Nokia seeks to block Lenovo sales in Germany over patent licensing

Nokia has sought to impose an injunction from Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker to block sales of its products in Germany after breach of a movie encoding patent.


Nokia plans to build mobile network on the moon

Nokia has been selected by NASA to construct the first mobile network on the moon, that the Finnish company has said, as the US shuttle service plans for a future in which individu...


Deutsche Telekom tests mobile antenna in the stratosphere

Deutsche Telekom has tested a aerial base channel in the earth’s stratosphere, it said on Monday, hoping to deliver mobile coverage to remote regions that ground-based networ...