YouTube bans OAN from posting new videos for a week


YouTube has said it has barred the news outlet One America News Network from posting new videos for a week after it broke off the site’s rules against content which claims there is a guaranteed remedy for COVID-19.

A spokeswoman for YouTube, the video-sharing platform owned by Google, stated OAN had been suspended by monetizing its movies because of repeated violations of the COVID-19 misinformation policy along with other rules. OAN will need to reapply to be allowed to monetize again.

YouTube said it has a “three-strikes policy” before an account is eliminated and this constituted OAN’s initial attack. OAN didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment by our news agency partners at Thomson Reuters.

The YouTube spokeswoman stated an OAN movie, currently removed, had broken its coronavirus misinformation principles by claiming that hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial medication abbreviated by Trump despite a lack of scientific proof, was a cure for COVID-19.

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YouTube and other important internet platforms are under scrutiny from lawmakers and researchers to suppress misinformation about their own websites. After the November election, our content partners at Reuters identified several YouTube channels making money from ads and memberships that were amplifying debunked accusations about fraud.

In a congressional hearing last week with the CEOs of both Facebook and Twitter, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal criticized Google, YouTube’s proprietor saying it had been given a”pass” and was being rewarded for its “timidity” in articles moderation.

Four Democratic senators sent a letter on Tuesday to YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki urging the video platform to remove content that they said spread misinformation on election results and pressing for information on measures taken ahead of the runoff US Senate elections in Georgia.

The team at Platform Executive hope you have enjoyed this news article. Initial reporting via our official content partners at Thomson Reuters. Reporting by Elizabeth Culliford. Editing by Tom Brown.

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