Spotify finally launches its music streaming service in South Korea

Platform News: Spotify music streaming app based out of Sweden

Spotify Technology made its long-awaited debut in South Korea, which is the home of the popular K-pop scene and sixth largest market for popular music in the world earlier today.

The Swedish music streaming app is currently present in over 90 countries and has entered into several new markets in the last two years including Russia, India and the Middle East.

In South Korea, the company will compete with music streaming companies such as Melon, Genie, FLO and Apple Music.

“We wanted to be super thoughtful in how we approach coming into a market like this as we didn’t want to just take a global service and launch it into South Korea,” Alex Norstrom, Chief Freemium Business Officer of Spotify, told journalists at our partner news agency Reuters.

The offering is tailored to the market with right relationships with local partners, both on the content side as well as on the distribution side, he said.

Spotify will give South Korean listeners access to more than 60 million individual tracks along with a wide range of Korean music, including K-pop, Hip Hop and Indi music.

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K-pop is a somewhat bizarre, but hugely popular multi-billion dollar global music industry with dance bands such as like BTS and BLACKPINK building massive fan bases across the world.

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