Comment: Dark times ahead if opposing voices are silenced

President Donald J Trump

Rumours abound that internet browsers including Safari, Chrome and Firefox are going to blacklist a number of websites associated to outgoing President of the United States and his supporters across the media landscape.

This is the next logical step in the ‘great silencing’ following the permanent suspension of the US Head of State from the vast majority of social media outlets; the suspension of free speech platform Parler from the leading two app stores, which account for (literally) 99% of all mobile device; and the summary termination of Parler’s webservices by AWS, following talk of President Donald Trump was to open an account on the Number One ranked social media app.

Western societies seem to find themselves in a similar situation to controlled economies, like one party States such as China and North Korea. 4-5 tech companies, led by the 21st century equivalent of robber barons now have too much sway over the public square. Wherever you sit on the Nolan chart of political opinions, they cannot be allowed to make publishing decisions and have total control of the Overton window, with the options to de-platform and silence ideas and opinions they personally deem offensive.

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The issue goes far beyond tribal politics, the rights/wrongs of Donald J Trump and the divisiveness of the recently contested general election. This is about personal freedom. Your personal freedom. My personal freedom. All of our personal freedoms.

We at Platform Executive appeal to the leaders across the tech sector to rethink their strategy of dealing with free speech and not be overly influenced by radicals on both sides of the argument. If they do not, then Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act needs to be amended, or removed from the Statute book.

Lets hope sanity prevails.

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