Nintendo to re-release Mario games for 35th anniversary


Nintendo has announced that it will re-release classic titles featuring popular character Mario for a limited time on its hit Nintendo Switch console to mark 35 years since the launch of its landmark game, “Super Mario Bros”.

The release will help bolster the Switch device’s bare gaming pipeline ahead of the major year-end shopping season and may provide some succour to investors that have long lamented the Nintendo’s reluctance to take greater advantage of its back catalogue of hit titles.

Enthusiasm for the bundle, which includes Mario’s initial foray into 3D platform gambling in what was seen as a major step forward for the industry, could be redeemed by the revelation it will simply be available before the end of March.

Nintendo’s stocks are trading in 12-year highs because it sees huge demand for the Switch apparatus and titles such as “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” from consumers who’ve flocked to gambling during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Kyoto-based firm also said it will release a “Mario Kart” toy which can be controlled through the Switch, representing its toy-maker origins, along with a version of the handheld Game & Watch device that may feature “Super Mario Bros”.

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