Nintendo ships one million Switches in China since late-2019 launch

Platform News: Nintendo and its Switch console

The Japanese firm launched its Switch console in China at December 2019 in partnership with distributor Tencent, China’s biggest video games and social networking company, in a push to expand the reach of the home-portable device.

The official figures published by Tencent suggest Nintendo has surpassed Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp as the country’s biggest console device vendor, according to consultancy Niko Partners.

The 1 million sales figure is larger than the combined sales of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One within precisely the exact same period, stated Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

While early earnings were hampered by a restricted number of accessible games and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, they were later boosted from the August launch of popular home exercise game “Ring Fit Adventure” in the country.

A Tencent spokesman called the earnings of the 2,099 yuan (approximately $323) units “a good start”, and stated “the games published on Nintendo Switch (China-Exclusive Version) have been well received by the market.”

Globally, Nintendo predictions it’ll sell 24 million Switch units for year end March 2021.

Console games are still known as a niche market in China, the world’s biggest video games market, where the majority of the attention is on mobile games.

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The nation banned console games before 2014, with consumers just able to get them via the grey market.

Microsoft’s Xbox entered China in 2014 and Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles a year after.

Shift consoles sold in China are locked and buyers may only play games which are approved by regulators. Tencent has launched 13 games for the China Nintendo Switch so far, but strikes such as “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Animal Crossing” have yet to be green lit.

Niko Partners predictions China’s console market revenue will reach $2.15 billion in 2024, double that of 2019, on account of the achievement of Switch and the next generation console starts. Most games published for the China Nintendo Switch are out of local developers, said Niko’s Ahmad.

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