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Nintendo digital subscriptions soar driven by ‘Animal Crossing’ fans

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Nintendo has reported surging user numbers for its Switch Online subscription support, driven by hit titles like”Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, as the firm belatedly builds the recurring revenues such services offer.

Nintendo Switch Online, which gives users the choice to play friends, save game progress on the internet and access classic titles, has been growing rapidly this year with over 26 million users as of September, compared to 15 million in January, the Kyoto-based gaming business stated.

The increase is driven by the popularity of hit titles like “Animal Crossing”, which has sold over 22 million copies,”Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate” and the newest “Pokemon” titles, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa told a briefing.

Rivals Sony and Microsoft, which on Tuesday launched a cloud gambling agency for playing Xbox titles on Android apparatus, have been targeting subscription providers to extend the life span of their consoles.

Nintendo has been slow to develop such solutions and is to move into cloud gambling, rather focusing on the mobile Switch device, which has been on a tear this year from consumers searching for escapism amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Stuck-at-home gamers helped push up digital downloads to more half of Switch software earnings in the quarter ended June. This trend is being tempered by the reopening of retailers, Furukawa said.

Nintendo’s president reiterated the firm’s devotion to both hardware and applications. In October it will launch a”Mario Kart” toy which can be controlled by the Switch.

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