How Wall Street folk calmed their election nerves

Wall Street

As US election results started trickling in late Tuesday evening, hedge fund manager Eric Jackson stress-ate a lot of his kids’ Halloween candy that he felt compelled to buy a blood sugar monitor the next day.

Jackson, of EMJ Capital, said the treats were a salve for his nerves as he watched MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki buzz around the television screen and stock market futures “melt up all night.”

Over the next few days, Jackson and other fund managers would find ways to deal with anxiety over the election outcome, as well as their investment portfolios, with the presidential race’s daily soap-opera-like developments.

From Tuesday through Friday morning, there were dramatic turns in key states, including Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Markets were less volatile than some had feared, but Wall Streeters were nonetheless on tenterhooks about an unexpected outcome.

To relieve the stress, Vassalou Capital Management’s Maria Vassalou went for four-mile runs in Central Park.

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Muddy Waters’ Carson Block avoided Twitter after heated conversations set him on edge.

AQR Capital Management’s Cliff Asness played a video game named Doom Eternal on “ultra violence mode,” which he explained a “very soothing.”

Quadratic Capital Management’s Nancy Davis discovered her “zen zone” by watching reality TV shows “Below Deck” and “Southern Charm,” with added help from Riesling, she said. “A little of that, too.”

David Tawil, president of Maglan Capital, has been the rare exception who said he has not changed much about his daily routine.

He does yoga, receives a decent quantity of sleep and tries to avoid consuming too much news and social websites. Tawil also prays each day, has supper with family, including an adult beverage to take the edge away.

“I always have one drink with dinner, every night,” he explained. “The election has not changed that habit in any way. No more, no less.”

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