Epic Games asks judge to block Apple’s removal of ‘Fortnite’ from the app store.

Platform News: Epic Games, the maker of the Fortnite game

Epic Games has said it had been attempting to block Apple’s elimination of its wildly popular “Fortnite” from its program shop and has asked a judge to avoid any retaliatory actions against its other games at the shop.

In its filing, Epic Games CEO Timothy Sweeney stated “Fortnite” had 350 million registered users as of June 2020, but that Apple’s move will prevent them from getting the updates necessary to play the game’s most popular mode – a “Battle Royale” match of up 100 players in which the last survivor wins.

“Apple’s actions will’break’ Fortnite for millions of existing players,” Sweeney wrote, stating Epic upgrades the game every couple weeks.

The video game manufacturer also said Apple will terminate all of Epic Games’ developer accounts and cut it off from its development tools starting the 28th August.

In its filing, Epic alleged that if Apple cuts off its access to Apple’s developers, it will be unable to keep offering the Unreal Engine for Mac and iPhone operating systems, which would in turn affect hundreds of game titles. Some of the games, such as PUBG, have hundreds of millions of players, Epic wrote in its filing.

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“The effects will reverberate well beyond video games; it will affect developers using the Unreal Engine on Apple products in many areas,” Epic said in its filing asking the court to issue an order blocking Apple’s move.

“The consequent effect on the Unreal Engine’s viability, and the confidence and trust programmers have in search, can’t be mended with a monetary award.”

Apple has in the past worked closely with Epic to make Unreal Engine work better on its devices. In 2018, for example, Apple demonstrated how Unreal Engine worked with its latest augmented reality tools at its annual developer conference. After Epic’s move to offer direct payments, Apple threatened to end that collaboration, according to documents filed by Epic in the lawsuit.

Apple did not return a request for comment.

Apple earlier removed “Fortnite” from its app store for violating in-app payment guidelines prompting Epic to file federal lawsuits challenging the rule.

Epic rolled out a social media campaign with the hashtag #FreeFortnite, urging players to seek refunds from Apple if they lose access to the game, and creating a parody of Apple’s famous”1984″ television advertising.

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