Zoom opens new data centre in Singapore

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The use of Zoom’s video conferencing solutions has soared because enormous numbers of people throughout the planet work from home due to coronavirus curbs, but the business has also come under fire regarding privacy issues.

The Singapore information centre, by which the organisation’s customers in Southeast Asia could join, brings its total to 18 sites worldwide.

The business also plans to employ more Singapore workers, such as engineers and sales staff, stated Abe Smith, Head of International in Zoom.

Security researchers this year found that Zoom rerouted some forecasts via its servers in China, even though these calls were put outside China.

The company had stated that this happened in “extremely limited circumstances” and it had taken its mainland China data centres off an approved record of back-ups for consumers outside China.

Zoom’s Smith stated there’s been a 65-fold growth in users of its free services in Singapore, with a tripling of paying clients, because January. Since March, 400 schools in town nation have been utilising the platform.

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Singapore temporarily suspended using Zoom by instructors in April following “very serious incidents” from the very first week of coronavirus lockdown, such as an episode that involved disgusting pictures appearing on displays throughout a geography lesson.

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