Twitter removes 130 accounts during Trump-Biden presidential debate

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Twitter has said it had removed 130 accounts, as they were trying to disrupt the public conversation during the first US presidential debate between President Trump and his Democrat challenger, Joe Biden.

Twitter removed the balances, which appeared to originate in Iran, “based on intel” supplied by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), it stated in a tweet.

The reports had quite low involvement and did not make an impact on the public conversation, the social networking giant said, adding, that the accounts and their articles will be printed in full when the investigation is complete.

One of the tweet has been worded “are You watching For Fun too?”, revealing graphical representation on why Republicans would plan to watch the debate, according to a sample tweet shared by Twitter.

Last week, Twitter said it worked with Facebook to spot and remove 350 accounts which might be employed by Russia’s intelligence services to flow hacked documents as part of efforts to disrupt the forthcoming US election.

Both companies said among the networks were identified following a tip from the FBI, which warned that foreign actors and cybercriminals were anticipated to spread disinformation regarding the results of the 3rd of November election.

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Over the last two years, because the 2018 US mid-term election, senior US intelligence officers have publicly predicted that hackers connected with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea would try to aim the 2020 US presidential election.

Social networking companies have long been under pressure to combat misinformation after US intelligence agencies determined Russia used their platforms to meddle in the 2016 vote, allegations which Moscow has denied.

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