Poll: Forty percent of Americans back Trump executive order on TikTok

Platform Economy: TikTok and US politics

Forty percent of Americans ago President Donald J Trump’s threat to prohibit video-sharing app TikTok if it is not sold to a US buyer, according to a national survey carried out by Ipsos and Reuters, indicating that many support the attempt to separate the social networking upstart out of its Chinese parent.

The survey published Monday, that surveyed 1,349 senior economists across the US, found that 40% supported Trump’s current executive order forcing China’s ByteDance to market its TikTok operations in the United States from the 15th of September. Thirty percent of those respondents stated they opposed the movement, while another 30 percent said they did not understand either way.

The answers were mostly divided along party lines, and a lot of those who agreed with Trump’s order stated that they don’t know a lot about TikTok. Among Republicans, as an instance, 69 percent said they supported the president’s order while just 32 percent said they had been comfortable with the program. Twenty-one percentage of Democrats supported Trump’s arrangement and 46 percent said that they had been comfortable with TikTok.

“Fleeting knowledge of the brand”

The statistics indicate most Americans had just “a fleeting knowledge of the brand,” explained Dipanjan Chatterjee, vice president and chief analyst at Forrester Research. Chatterjee said the negative attitudes were probably the result of the public rhetoric about TikTok – and raising tensions with Beijing.

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TikTok users have caught the adolescent zeitgeist with tricky song-and-dance videos from the United States and everywhere, but its parent firm’s ties to Beijing are the topic of bipartisan concern as connections with China deteriorate.

Those concerns surfaced earlier this month at a do-or-die arrangement from Trump into ByteDance, together with the Trump administration stating that TikTok is a possible national security threat on account of the huge number of private data that the program is compiling on US customers. TikTok asserts about 100 million monthly active users at the US.

The Chinese firm must currently divest TikTok at the US. Microsoft and Oracle and Walmart are just some of the US companies struggling to snap up its own assets.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey found that 38 percent of respondents stated they were very or somewhat knowledgeable about the program and 25% stated they’d watched a movie on the stage.

Americans appeared to be critical of the Chinese firm than they had been of American-based tech firms: 47 percent of respondents stated they held quite negative, somewhat negative, or”lean towards unfavourable” attitudes toward TikTok.

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By contrast, only 11% stated they had likewise unfavourable beliefs of Seattle-based Amazon – the world’s biggest online retailer that’s facing allegations of monopolistic behaviour from each side of the US political aisle.

The survey has a validity interval, an amount of accuracy, of roughly 3 percentage points.

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