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US suspends French tariffs over digital services tax

The United States has said it might hold off slapping tariffs on French cosmetics, handbags and other imports in retaliation for a digital services tax Washington says will damage ...

Tech Titans

USTR slams India, Italy, Turkey on digital taxes but holds off on tariffs

Digital services taxation adopted by India, Italy and Turkey discriminate against US businesses and therefore are inconsistent with international tax rules, the US Trade Representa...


FBI probe of major hack includes project-management software from JetBrains

The FBI is investigating if the hackers supporting a series of intrusions in US national agencies and businesses also broke into project-management applications generated by the Cz...

Google France

Google employees form labor union in United States

More than 200 workers and builders in Google parent Alphabet in the US and Canada have formed a labor union to promote workplace equity and moral business practices, the group chos...


Workplace app Slack hit with outage on first Monday of 2021

Slack Technologies said its office messaging service was struck by an outage on Monday, interrupting distant work as individuals returned from the holidays.


Google told its scientists to ‘strike a positive tone’ in AI research

Google this year moved to tighten control over its scientists’ papers by launching a “sensitive topics” review, and in at least three cases requested authors refr...


Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell join legal battle against hacking company

Tech giants including Microsoft and Google on Monday joined Facebook’s legal struggle against hacking company NSO, submitting an amicus brief in federal court which warned th...


Indian TikTok clone gets significant backing in $100 million fund raise

The app, called Josh, is just one of many home-grown short-video platforms that have sprung up because India blocked the popular TikTok in June amidst a boundary crisis with China,...

Big Tech's stealth push to influence the Biden administration

Big Tech’s stealth push to influence the Biden administration

Silicon Valley is operating behind the scenes to secure senior functions for technology allies in lesser-known but still vital sections of president-elect Joe Biden’s adminis...


Microsoft Corp says it found malicious software in its systems

Microsoft has said that it has found malicious applications from its own systems associated with a huge hacking effort disclosed by US officials this week, including a top technolo...


Twitter bans ‘harmful false claims’ about COVID-19 vaccinations

Twitter has said it will start eliminating false or misleading tweets about COVID-19 vaccinations which could be detrimental, such as false claims the vaccines will intentionally c...


News Short: Twitter to shut down Periscope by March

Twitter Inc on Tuesday said it would shut down live-streaming app Periscope, and it purchased in 2015, because of declining usage within the past couple of years and high supportin...

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EU moves to rein in tech giants with threat of fines and break-up

US tech businesses including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google face penalties of up to 10% of the annual turnover and might even be forced to divide beneath draft European Union ...


China to crank up anti-trust heat on Big Tech after unprecedented fines

China’s unprecedented anti-trust squeeze onto its technology giants isn’t only just beginning.