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New Google Messages functionality and features announced

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Google has just announced a slew of new features that are either coming to coming to Google Messages, or already launched and available to some users.

In a blogpost announcing the features, the Mountain View-based company had a dig at its main competitor in the smartphone OS sector, Apple by saying, “when people with Android phones and iPhones message each other, not everything works the way it should. That’s because these conversations rely on SMS, an outdated messaging standard, instead of RCS, a modern, more secure industry-standard Android uses that enables high-quality videos, emoji reactions, end-to-end encryption.”

Upon reviewing the functionality announced, the trend seems to be towards building interoperability and synergy between iOS and Android. For example, ‘likes’ and other reactions sent from one persons iPhone will now be displayed as proper reaction emojis on the Android device. Early reviews of the functionality are that whilst its not perfect, it is a step in the right direction.

Additionally, Messages can also now send videos as Photo links, thus bypassing compression over SMS.

Finally, the tech giant is also rolling out changes to help with message filtering, organization and sorting. The new iteration of the software will now try to sort your messages automagically into ‘Personal’ and ‘Business’ tabs, this will be great for those using their devices for dual purposes. From what we can make out, the new functionality appears to be somewhat similar to that of its Email client, Gmail’s sorting feature.

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Outside of Google Messages, one of the most useful features Google is adding a grammar checker to Gboard, to make sure users are communicating effectively without any embarrassing grammatical errors.

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