French privacy watchdog opens an investigation into TikTok

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France’s data privacy watchdog CNIL has stated that it had been making preliminary investigations into TikTok after it received a complaint in May against the Chinese-owned video-sharing app.

TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance, is currently under investigation over privacy issues by United States, the European Union and the government of the Netherlands.

“The CNIL began investigations into the website and the TikTok application in May 2020. The CNIL had indeed received a complaint at that date,” a spokesman for the authority said in written remarks sent to journalists about the case.

“To date, the CNIL continues its investigations and participates in ongoing European work.”

Asked about the CNIL probe, TikTok stated:”Protecting TikTok users’ privacy and safety is our top priority. We are aware of the investigation from the CNIL and are fully cooperating with them”

The investigations concern the degree of information offered to TikTok’s users and how they can exercise their faith, the flow of data going from the European Union and steps required to protect minors, the CNIL spokesman said.

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The complaint in May was shut after it seemed the complainant, who was requesting a removal of a video in the program, didn’t first ask TikTok to do this as required by EU rules.

The CNIL is part of a recently launched EU task-force on TikTok. It’s especially reviewing TikTok’s coming in the area and its wish for Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) because its chief oversight national ruler, the CNIL spokesman said.

The composition of the task-force has not been made public.

In America, officials have said that TikTok introduces a national security risk due to the personal data it manages.

President Donald Trump has threatened to ban TikTok and has awarded ByteDance 45 days to negotiate a sale of TikTok’s US operations to Microsoft.

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