Cisco revamps Webex, targets virtual events

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Cisco has revamped its Webex video assembly software because it targets a larger share of the booming online collaboration marketplace, adding new features like background noise cancellation and a transcription services.

Webex currently has over 600 million meeting participants, almost double the number it listed in March prior to the coronavirus pandemic triggered a mass change to internet working, learning and socialising.

Rivals Zoom and Microsoft, with its Teams program, have also added millions of consumers, with the worldwide video conferencing market anticipated to reach $9.2 billion by 2027 from $4.8 billion in 2019, according to market research firm Facts & Factors.

Through obtaining tech companies such as BabbleLabs, Cisco has been able to incorporate attributes to Webex, such as being able to remove background seems like a vacuum cleaner.

“They’ve created a machine learning model…any background noise… can be detected and suppressed, and then speech actually gets amplified,” Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s general director for security and applications company, told journalists at our partner news agency Reuters in an interview.

He said Webex will introduce several other characteristics in the next three months, including one that will allow real time transcription of a speaker in 15 distinct languages.

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To meet demand for online business conventions, Cisco is planning to build an events platform allowing users to host a Webex occasions session with around 25,000 fully engaging attendees initially, and eventually 100,000.

To make the events stage much more interactive, Cisco on Monday bought Slido, which engages audiences with real-time feedback, dynamic surveys, quizzes, word clouds and surveys.

“We fundamentally believe that how people engage with large groups of people will change, and as a result, you will see us do more and more innovation in that space,” Patel said.

The business also launched three new hardware devices, such as a Webex desk hub, which makes it possible for a worker returning into an office following the pandemic to sign in from any desk using a notebook, badge or cell phone to authenticate identity.

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