Chevron asks employees to delete WeChat app

Tencent WeChat

Chevron Corp has asked employees internationally to delete Tencent’s WeChat from their work phones, following the Trump administration’s executive order to prohibit the social networking app, Bloomberg has reported.

A US estimate on Sunday blocked a government order requiring Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google to eliminate WeChat for downloads on national security grounds.

The US Commerce Department said on Monday it might challenge this order.

WeChat is an all-around cellular app that combines messaging, social media, payment purposes and additional services and boasts more than a billion users globally.

Chevron, in a team email, recognised WeChat as a “non-compliant application” and requested those with the app on their job agendas to delete it before the 27th of September or face disconnection in the organization’s network, according to the Bloomberg report.

Chevron and Tencent, that has denied its apps pose a national security threat, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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