Why promoting security in the post-lockdown workplace is necessary

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To say we’re living in uncertain times would be an understatement. The news of unrest is impossible to avoid, mixed in with spiralling economic uncetainty and the lingering fear of a second wave of COVID-19.

Founder and start-up owners across the world are reeling. Now, with some lockdowns easing and employees desperate to return to the workplace, it’s vital to ensure your employees feel safe in the workplace. If your place of business currently doesn’t have security measures in place, or you feel as though you can do more, don’t hesitate to make it happen.

As a business owner, getting all of your employees on board with security practices is crucial for everyone’s safety. Why is promoting security in the workplace so important?


People want to feel safe at work. That includes more than just avoiding slip and fall accidents. It includes having the knowledge that someone won’t come in and cause damage or try to do harm. Understand that workplace violence can take several forms and it’s important to protect your employees from all of them. When employees do feel safe, it can boost their overall morale, motivation, and productivity.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to take the initial steps in keeping your work building safe. Things like retractable badges or employee IDs can make sure everyone in the building is supposed to be there. You can find out more about how badges can help with employee identification here.


Having extra security measures in place, including guards on staff or cameras that run 24/7 can greatly reduce your business’ risk of theft. Even if someone does manage to break in and steal, having those extra measures can make it easier to catch them and bring them to justice with the local authorities.

Losing everything overnight is a business’ worst nightmare. Having a security strategy in place that can help to prevent that will make a big difference in your stress levels.


When your employees know that you’ve taken extra security measures to keep them safe, they’re more likely to remain calm and level-headed if an emergency arises. For example, if someone breaks into your building with the intent to do harm, your employees can take comfort in knowing you have security guards on staff who can handle the situation and lead them to safety while taking care of the intruder.

It can also be a good idea to hold occasional drills or “practice runs” if an emergency situation ever does arise. The more experienced and prepared your employees are, the less likely that there will be chaos among them if anything serious ever takes place.

When employees know they’re safe, they’re happy. Now, more than ever, business owners need to have active conversations about workplace safety and security. No one wants to assume that the worst will ever happen.

And, for many businesses, it probably won’t. But, extra security measures are never a waste of money. Take the time to invest in the safety and security of your employees, and you’ll see how much more comfortable they’ll feel in their everyday work environment.

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