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Why platforms are using offshore software developers to scale

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So you’ve created a killer platform using expert software developers, and now you want to grow it and increase your reach. Simple enough, right? Not always.

Growing a business involves growing your team, which can be easier said than done. Using traditional recruitment methods such as in-house recruitment incurs huge costs, not to mention the time it takes for staff to undertake the recruitment process.

That’s where offshore software development comes in. Offshore software development involves creating a remote software development team based in another country, typically with the help of an experienced offshore recruitment firm. Here’s why platforms that want to grow are doing it with offshore developers and how you can do the same.


Labor costs in the US are famously high, especially in the Silicon Valley area. This means labor costs can take up a significant portion of your overall spending, leaving you with little to spend on scaling up and marketing your business.

By hiring workers in countries with lower labor costs, you can put more cents in every dollar toward growing your business and scaling up your platform to attract more users.


When you hire in-house (especially for workers in the office), you’re restricted to only hiring in your geographical area. But who’s to say the best employees for your project live in your city?

The beauty of offshore software development is you can hire developers from anywhere. With software development being one of the sectors that most lends itself to remote working, you don’t have to restrict yourself to one area.

Hiring remote workers also makes it easier to build or grow a team quickly, which is crucial when you want to scale up your business.


If you’ve ever tried to hire within Silicon Valley, you’ll know how difficult it is to get your hands on good talent without forking out most of your budget on labor costs and competing with every other development company in the local area.

That means when it comes to scaling up your platform quickly to meet increasing demand, doing so with staff from the US can be seriously challenging. When you opt to create an offshore development team instead, you have access to larger talent pools and can scale up rapidly with fewer labor costs involved.


When choosing an offshore software development company, opt for a customer-centric company that prioritizes your needs. Offshore firm, TurnKey Labs, has had experience with unreliable offshore recruitment firms, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

TurnKey prioritizes building a business that’s tailored specifically to your needs, with a world-class talent retention program that ensures you don’t only hire the right employees, but retain them, too.

With US companies spending at least $4000 just to hire one employee, it’s never been more important to hold onto talented workers and be able to build and scale a team quickly.