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Why Logiwa is arguably the best WMS software out there

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With the advent of technology, most business owners now depend on software programs to improve efficiency in the workplace.

According to a global survey by Statista, the software market is forecasted to witness steady growth at an annual rate of 6.50%, reaching revenue of USD$812.90 billion by 2027. Compared with other countries, it’s expected that the US will generate most of the revenue in 2022, amounting to USD$297.10 billion.

One of the critical areas that entrepreneurs want to revamp is the supply chain. Luckily, with the development of warehouse management software (WMS), they can now streamline all warehouse operations and improve each stage of the fulfilment process. Therefore, if you’re a business owner with on-hand inventory, you’d want to invest in the best WMS software like Logiwa to optimize your supply chain.

Here are four reasons it’s the best:


Logiwa WMS software offers all basic enterprise-level functionalities that small and medium-sized businesses require. It also incorporates other complex features, such as real-time tracking, used mainly by larger logistic companies. That’s why Logiwa is considered one of the most effective WMS software for businesses. It was among the best supply chain management software of 2022 listed by Forbes and considered ideal for e-commerce.

Below are Logiwa’s other core capabilities:

  • 3PL management: This allows you to manage the operations of multiple warehouses from a central network.
  • Reporting and analytics: The software aggregates all available data and generates customized reports on order fulfillment, shipping order status, inventory status, or return orders. Updates happen in real-time, allowing users to make informed decisions based on the latest data.
  • Accounting integrations: It enables the creation of rule-based billing reports for particular periods and clients, which are then automatically linked to the accounting systems.
  • Cycle counting: You can count logs and compare the estimated and actual inventory levels. The software autocorrects any variations to ensure accuracy.
  • Backorder management: It handles all reverse logistics operations. For instance, by splitting the orders returned in terms of quality, managers can quickly identify the resalable products.
  • Real-time notifications: You may receive alerts if there are any unprocessed orders.
  • Client portal: Customers with personalized client portals can instantly access any data related to shipments, orders, or inventory.

These WMS software integrations ensure real-time visibility of all supply chain networks from receiving orders until these are successfully delivered to the correct destination points.


As your business expands, the supply chain operations also increase. Therefore, you’ll have to assess if your WMS is still efficient enough to handle large-scale processes. Luckily, Logiwa WMS software is designed to accommodate the growing needs of your business while still being sustainable enough to support small operations.

The software provides scalability by integrating automation to enable businesses to add new processes and functionalities to enhance warehouse efficiency. The countless integrations give you the right mix of controls so that you can optimize your stock levels. For instance, the multi- client and multi-warehouse handling capacity facilitates enhanced flexibility for business owners without sacrificing speed. Therefore, you’d want to invest in WMS software that can be scaled to meet your present and future supply chain requirements.

WMS Software


Cloud-based software is a game-changer in this digital era. Based on a survey by Statista, the global public cloud services market is forecasted to grow by about 20.4% in 2022, reaching approximately USD$495 billion. This indicates that many companies are embracing cloud technology to streamline efficiency in the workplace.

Gartner forecasts a 41% cloud migration as of 2022. Also, 51% of IT spending in key market segments like application software, enterprise process services, and infrastructure software is expected to shift from traditional solutions to the cloud by 2025. Fortunately, Logiwa is playing a crucial part in driving digitization in the supply chain by providing its clients with cloud-based operations.

Below are some of the advantages it brings:

  • Supply chain managers can instantly update inventory data by uploading it to the cloud
  • Allows real-time access to data from any device, provided there’s an internet connection
  • The high-level security protocols enable secure storage of all supply chain information.
  • Mobile access allows you to manage your supply chain functions on the go.


A WMS software can help you automate your warehouse’s internal operations. It improves efficiency by alleviating any risks associated with manual approaches, increases transparency in

the supply chain, saves time, and reduces operational costs. This boosts service delivery and enables businesses to maximize profit. Therefore, as a business owner, you’d want to harness the power of technology to enhance performance in your supply chain.

Above are some aspects that make Logiwa WPS software the best. For deeper insight, it’s best to research more about the software solution to make an informed decision.