What does COVID-19 teach businesses about productivity?

Platform Economy: Home office and the future of work

Building a productive office environment has been a priority for companies. Business managers have been the first to embrace new ideas to create an inviting and friendly workplace that represents your business values. 

In an ideal business world, the office decor plays a significant role in team performance. Therefore, creating an inspiring space is not dissimilar to staging your interior decor. Elements such as colours, lighting, and furniture set the tone. However, the coronavirus pandemic is transforming the business world. When your teams are self-isolating at home, it becomes impossible to design a productivity-enhancing work environment. Business owners need to be creative to reach out to their team and find ways of bridging the productivity gap.

What can you do when you don’t control the wall paint, office layout, and lighting?

Here are some ideas to create a productive space when nobody sits in the same room:

The new office is virtual

Remote work arrangements are replacing the typical office life. As such, there is no point considering productivity improvements that don’t address the main issue; namely, digital teams can be a vulnerable target to cyber-criminals. Protecting your team productivity begins with making their new workspace as safe as possible.

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Unless you’ve got an IT security expert in the team, it’s best to leave it to experts. Levit8 IT Solutions, for instance, have been the first to warn their clients about the risk of going remote without adequate IT preparation. In their work as a managed service provider, making digital teams safe is about proactive support rather than reactive strategies.

For business owners and executives, now’s the right time to invest in a proactive IT safety strategy that will protect your team from cyber-threats and maintain your virtual business presence and minimise the risk.

Home office investments matter

How do you best invest in an office environment when everybody works from home?

As a business, you can already share tips and solutions to help your team turn home office expenses into tax-deductible costs. Not everyone understands which home office costs can be reclaimed as part of their taxes.

Additionally, you can also consider sharing home office furniture costs with your employees. Indeed, not everyone is prepared to work from home. Employees who have to face additional furnishing costs to maintain their jobs may be tempted to save money. Offering to pay for their home office furniture and equipment, either partially or totally, can help preserve their productivity.

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Creating new free mood-lifting products

In the office, you’ve got the office kitchen with a selection of healthy snacks and delicious coffee. But if you’re going to support your team and give them a boost of positive energy throughout the day, you need to find new ways of delivering yummy snacks to their doors. Snack Box is a subscription-based service that can deliver snacks to your team. During the lockdown, a thoughtful box of snacks could help keep people motivated and cheerful.

Alternatively, you can consider providing discount vouchers for the purchase of elements that replace the typical office kitchen stocks, such as a coffee machine or a kettle.

SnacksThe pandemic is redefining productivity. Businesses need to adapt to a virtual workforce and also embrace the many challenges home-based employees can bring. Supporting their needs throughout the needs may require some outside-the-box thinking! But the future belongs to those who understand how to make home productivity happen.

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