UK government outlines a £40 million overhaul to outdated NHS technology platforms


Fresh from winning a landslide majority in the recent UK General Election, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has stated that it is time to “get the basics right” with regard to IT systems and logins within the countries socialised healthcare system, the NHS.

Around £40 million is being allocated to help hospitals and clinics introduce single-system logins in the next year, as part of an IT systems upgrade. This to combat an issue where NHS staff often have to login to up to 15 disparate IT systems, from A&E records databases through to x-rays and lab results in order to do their jobs. One GP complaining to Matt Hancock that it takes an average of 17 minutes to log in to her computer each day.

The Health Secretary said, “Too often, outdated technology slows down and frustrates staff and prevents them from giving patients their full attention and the care they deserve.”

“It is frankly ridiculous how much time our doctors and nurses waste logging on to multiple systems.”

The project is one of the milestones which the new Conservative government, fresh with a secure 5 year term have planned for the National Health Service. It has set up a new agency called NHSX to drive forward progress on platform-based services. These included closer integration of social care and NHS records and greater use of AI.

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