Trump mulls whether to exempt Apple from China tariffs

Platform News: President Donald Trump in talks with Apple CEO Tim Cook

President Donald Trump was quoted on Wednesday that he was considering whether to exempt Apple Inc from tariffs on Chinese imports.

“We are looking at that,” Trump said in answer to a reporter’s question about the China tariffs. He spoke after touring a plant in Austin with Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook that assembles Apple computers.

Cook is seen as unusually deft in his dealings with President Trump, especially given Apple’s opposition to some of the current administrations policies, including Visa allocations. One reason: Apple has kept production of the high-end Mac Pro in the United States, rather than moving it abroad.

It will be interesting to see how the relationship between the traditionally liberal tech sector and the Trump WH proceeds in the run up to the coming election. Executives at Facebook, for one are nervous about some of the leading Democrats potential policies relating to anti-trust measures and taxation.

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