Top 5 business tools for small business owners

Top 5 Business Tools - Covering Bases

Are you wondering if investing in online services is the right choice for your business? If so, just look at what other companies are doing. Reports show that 85% of small businesses have already invested in an online software tool to help their businesses succeed.

If you’re looking for business tools that will help you become more productive in business, this post will help. Below are five essential small business tools that will help.


Having a way to manage your contacts is essential for running a business. If you can’t organize your contact data, you’ll always be in a scramble to find the correct information when you need it the most.

CRM software will help you organize that data. You can store contact information, information about past interactions, and other important information about your business contacts. There’s no need to manually handle the data yourself.


Your email list is one of your best marketing tools for small business. If you have many customers, it’s challenging to get updates out to everyone at once. The last thing you want to do is manually email every contact you have.

That’s where an email list helps. Put your contacts on an email list, write your email once, and click send email. Everyone on your list will get the email, and you can quickly get back to the rest of your work.


Your books are one thing you can’t afford to get wrong when you run a business. You rely on accurate numbers to make informed decisions and to not accidentally run out of money. That’s why you need to use tools to make managing your bank accounts easier.

Online accounting programs will automatically track your income and expenses for your business. You don’t need to manually track everything in spreadsheets anymore. These programs will connect to your bank accounts and download all the information they need to run.


It’s hard enough to take projects to completion in a business. What happens when you don’t have a reliable way to manage your projects?

You’ll find that you can barely get anything accomplished.

A reliable project management system is the solution to this. Many online platforms give you a single place to manage every project your company has. You can invite your employees so everyone can see everything in one place and stay on the same page.


It isn’t always enough to pay your employees their salaries. They need a way to track what they earned and how much tax was taken out of their paychecks. For this, they need a paystub.

A pay stub maker is useful for this situation. Instead of manually telling people what they need to know, you can use your pay stub generator to generate pay stubs for you automatically. It will save you loads of time if you have several employees.


While the above business tools are a great way to stay productive in business, they aren’t your only options. Keep looking for other software that will help you stay productive. The more you can automate your business, the more time you have to focus on the business tasks that will move your company forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about using tools to improve your business, head back to the blog to find more posts that will help.

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