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The 6 best resources to learn about database management

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Database management is one of the most sought-after skills in the technology industry. Top companies such as Google and Amazon include it regularly in technical interviews.

If you are new to database management or it’s been a while since you’ve practiced, you might want to brush up on your skills before your next job opportunity.

However, thousands of online courses, infographics, and books are available. What’s the best way to learn about database management today? Although there are many options, there are a few ways that are much more efficient than others. Here is a complete guide to learning about database management.


The most official way to learn about database management is to take a course that results in a database certification. These courses are often styled as tutorials, courses, or boot camps, but they offer an official certification once you’ve successfully passed. Getting an official certification is ideal.

Database certifications, such as Oracle database certifications, can be added to your resume or CV. In an interview, you can refer to your certification as solid proof of your experience in database management, making it a useful tool. No matter which type of learning you choose, aim for one that has certification at the end.


Of course, you can always take an online course to improve your skills or learn about database management. Various colleges, institutions, and online learning centers offer online database courses. They are an excellent way to learn about database management and its technical science.

Most online courses are available synchronously or asynchronously, with options to start whenever and learn at your own pace. They typically are paced like college courses and take 7 or 14 weeks to complete. This is the way to go if you want a complete database introduction with a guaranteed certification.

Database Management



A common way to learn about online database management is through a database bootcamp. A bootcamp is set up similarly to an online course but has more intensive and interactive practice sessions throughout. Generally, a bootcamp will take more time but will be over in less time than a standard class.

Bootcamps were designed with working people in mind. They are generally made to run a few hours a day, and most can be completed asynchronously. Others, however, take place at industry conferences for real hands-on, in-person learning. If you are trying to improve your skills while working a day job, a bootcamp might be a good option.


If you’ve learned about database management before, you might not need an entire class or bootcamp. Plenty of sites with practice and reviews are available (sometimes for free). You must find a good online practice site and work on the sections you struggle with.

Of course, you can do this as a supplement to a course or bootcamp too. If you have the time, it might be beneficial to sign up for the class and review the areas that you know while relearning or brushing up on struggling areas. However, this can be a waste of time for busy people who only need to practice certain parts of database management.


There are some more focused resources that cater directly to those trying to learn database management for a specific job or project. This is called tutorial-style learning and teaches through hands-on tutorials instead of video or written lessons.

Database tutorials are a little more expensive because they involve coding and software downloads. However, they are popular for companies to train employees and are often used as bonus material for regular online classes or bootcamps. You will likely see some usage of tutorials in a class or bootcamp.


Of course, all of these resources cost money, and it can be difficult to afford if you are still looking for a job in the field. You can find multiple free options online if you’re trying to save money while learning database management.

There are free samples of every kind of class, from standard courses to tutorial-style training. You can also use the resources on YouTube and various blogs to create your course, learning how to manage databases from the experts on the internet. All it takes to access free learning materials is a little more research on your part.


With these resources, you can polish up your existing database management skills, learn about database management, or start afresh with an online course. Whether you choose a YouTube course or an official online certification, you’ll be ready for any technical interview.