Sneak peak: introducing our new platform

Platform Executive

Over the past 12 weeks we have been hard at work building out a significant new release of the platform, featuring even more content, tools and services.

The aim of the new build, which we are informally calling Version 1.0 is to democratise access to often impossibly expensive business intelligence and consultants. We believe that building a meritocratic system for all is fundamental to the growth of the species.

In terms of memberships, we will be streamlining our offering to the FREE Community Member and PAID Premium Member, with Community Members able to earn (unlimited) discounts towards the purchase price of the products. Premium Members will gain access to more content, including free reports they can request access to.

Current members will be transferred to the Premium membership, retaining their existing privileges free of charge for the next year.

As part of the build, we are also expanding the scope and scale of our report writing, thus enabling our customers to buy customised reports that feature the format and type of information they require.

We aim to have this release launched within the next 2-3 weeks.

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