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Aimed at both first-time entrepreneurs looking to build a platform business and experienced C-level executives, the Covering Bases blog is a rolling commentary, including business strategies and useful information.

Adding a professional sheen

How to give your business that professional sheen

In this, the latest article in the ‘Covering Bases’ collection, we take a brief look at easily increasing the perception of professionalism within your start-up busines...

Shaking hands

3 services every business should have

The responsibilities of a business owner are endless. Not only are business owners tasked with running their business and managing their employees, but they need to handle all the ...

Platform Economy: Small Business Finance

How to create your own business with minimum investment and right from home

We live in the times when the Internet and technology offer a variety of opportunities to start successful businesses right from home. So, if you decide to create your business wit...

Cutting the fat to find success

Cutting the fat and finding success

Whether you’re starting your first business or are an experienced entrepreneur, you should understand how important it is to keep costs and overhead as low as possible while still ...

Corporate Slang, Phrases and more

The 120 most annoying business phrases and buzzwords of 2021

When I started this list of buzzwords, I had every intention of making this a semi-serious look into the vague and often annoying world of office speak. However, after about 20 min...


What happens next when societal changes hit the workplace?

Today, the second most popular e-learning course on LinkedIn, which is the largest and most heavily trafficked English-language business-oriented website in the world is ‘Unc...

Platform News: Wall Street in New York

Significant tech IPO’s we’re expecting in 2021

Yes, 2020 was a blockbuster year for initial public offerings (IPO) across the global platform economy, with the likes of Snowflake and DoorDash, amongst a myriad of others debutin...

Platform news: Artificial intelligence AI

IBM is focusing on AI more than ever

IBM released the latest IBM Watson AIOps last May, which uses AI to simplify the company’s ability to self-detect, locate, and respond in real-time to unforeseen issues in IT...

Financial Uncertainty

4 tips to overcoming financial uncertainty

Sometimes in life, it seems like everything moves too fast for your financial situation. You have a job, you pay your utility bills, you invested in a Roth IRA just like your dad s...

Business Hardship

4 tips for bouncing back from a business hardship

Hardships can affect even the most successful businesses. If you’ve recently suffered a major setback within your company, it’s okay to feel discouraged. While hardships can be tou...

Covering Bases Marketing Strategy

Discover the best ways to build word of mouth around your brand

In the latest edition of ‘Covering Bases’ we take a quick look at the basics of building your brand, outlining the basics that would work for most platforms, from onlin...

Ensuring standards are gold-tier

Ensuring your standards are continually gold-tier

Think about the nature of the products and/or services you offer in your online venture. Depending on the clientele you serve or what kind of service you offer, some mistakes in bu...

Work from home

6 fundamentals to make your home-based business work for you

Whether you’re currently bootstrapping your way to creating a successful business and so you’re working from home to keep costs low. Or perhaps you’ve always want...

Boosting productivity

4 tips to boost productivity as the year ends

As you race toward the end of the year, you’re looking at performance and projections, biting your nails to see if you reach your quarterly and annual goals.