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How to choose the best internet provider for your business

How to choose the best internet provider for your business

A stable internet connection is vital for the success of all businesses. It provides your company an easier way to deliver products, expand customer reach, and improve your client ...

New role

Do you want the same career in a post COVID world?

It goes without saying that this year has been really tough for businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen economic output drop substantially and the job losses and unemployment ra...

Zip files

Covering bases: What is a zipped file and how can it be opened?

If you download large files onto your computer, it’s only a matter of time before you come across a .ZIP file. And if you do, you might now know what to do next.

Successful teams

How to build a successful team

When you run a small business, you rely on your team. Your team is what helps you grow to new heights, achieve new goals, and tackle even the most intense challenges that your smal...

Vendor Management and Partenerships

Vendor management problems? Here’s your solution

No business can work entirely alone. Whatever market segment you serve, it is unlikely that your establishment can fulfill its mission without at least some assistance. Nearly ever...

Platform Economy: Small Business Finance

16 ways to raise capital for your start-up business

One of the key challenges faced by entrepreneurs is financing the development of their idea from concept through to execution. This is especially true if you have no track record o...

Resume Objective Examples

5 resume objective examples you can use for any job application

We are frequently asked by candidates looking to get on-board early at start-ups about tips for getting noticed and taken seriously by founders. To help remove some of the mystery,...

Systems Admin

10 reasons small businesses decide to outsource IT systems admin

If you are bootstrapping a start-up, you will likely have limited resources. You will not have a large team of employees, and as such, you will be undoubtedly be wearing multiple h...

Platform Economy: Office Space and the future of work

Key areas of your operations to focus in on

When you start your own business, it can be difficult to know what areas within the wide remit of ‘operations’ to focus in on. There are countless tasks and processes t...

Platform Industry News: People looking at an iPhone 11

Mobile marketing: Tips for new business owners

In this latest Covering Bases article we take a brief look at mobile marketing. The chances are you will be either on your smartphone reading this, or have the cell phone within ea...

Marketing Meeting

Four signs you need to shake up your marketing campaign

When you start a new marketing campaign, everything should make sense. The tactics should be sound and the desired outcomes realistic and inline with both the marketing plan and th...

Recruitment and retention

Recruiting and retaining a great team in 2020

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, the work environment undergone a seismic change. The change will likely continue into 2021 and for the foreseeable future.

Routine - Task management

Three ways to streamline your professional routine

There are a myriad factors that contribute to professional success when launching, of growing a new venture. In this article we will look at aspects ranging from effective resource...

Restaurants online

Optimising your restaurant business for the digital age

There’s much to love about owning and running a restaurant, but as anyone in this low-margin industry knows, it’s far from the easiest business to be. While there are many enjoyabl...