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Covering Bases Marketing Strategy

Covering bases: marketing strategies to grow your business

This latest Covering Bases article is aimed at those with little experience in building digital businesses and a bootstrapped budget. In it, we revisit the basics of marketing and ...

Hiring Process - Identifying Talent

Covering bases: how to identify and hire the right employees

Having the right team will likely make or break your business. Whether you are from a back office, marketing, product, or web development background, hiring a new employee is a cor...

Health and Safety

Covering bases: how to increase employees safety in the workplace

Whether you operate as a start-up with just the single office, or as a public limited company with multiple workplace locations, the safety of employees in the workplace is always ...

Time management streamlining startups

Five essential tips for streamlining your start-up business

Making the decision to leave an often comfortable 40-50 hour per week career to follow your dream and create something new is both rewarding and a challenge. Once the start-up is o...

Covering bases: helping your team perform to the best of their ability

Covering bases: helping your team perform to the best of their ability

When you first start a business, founders will often work independently formulating the potential product and initial strategy. During this stage the founders will take care of mos...

eco-friendly business

Essential changes to make your start-up business more eco-friendly

Over the past two decades, consumers across the world have become far more knowledgeable about environmental issues, ranging from power production through to waste management. This...

Medical Start-ups

Maintaining team morale in a medical start-up

Right now every medical start-up is experiencing an unprecedented situation. This can mean that morale and expectation across the business takes a hit.

Home Office

What does COVID-19 teach businesses about productivity?

Building a productive office environment has been a priority for companies. Business managers have been the first to embrace new ideas to create an inviting and friendly workplace ...


Efficiently automating a business

High levels of automation are becoming the norm for business across the economy. From the global industry giants to mom and pop businesses, there is a focus on streamlining efforts...

Conversion Metrics

Covering bases: how to stop leads slipping through the net

A lot of business owners are obsessed with sales – and rightly so. However, to generate sales, you need to create leads. A lead is someone who might be interested in what you...

e-commerce transactions

Covering bases: succeeding in a hyper competitive marketplace

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people from all walks of life out of our normal lines of work. It has also opened our eyes to the fact many do not actually enjoy the jobs they ...


Data: Investors pour billions into automated delivery start-ups

Since September 2019, investors have pumped at least $6 billion into more than two dozen start-ups that are automating delivery of goods and food, from heavy trucks to sidewalk rob...


IMF’s Georgieva urges ‘Big Tech’ to work on access to digital economy for all

Big technology companies that are reaping gains as result of increased reliance on online systems during coronavirus quarantines and lockdowns should work to increase access to the...


Covering bases: inserting your personality into your start-up

It’s great to have big dreams, but if you try and push your business too much before it is ready then you may end up putting yourself at risk. If you want to get around this, then ...