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Platform News: fake news, political bias, section 230 and misinformation on social media

From government to business: the growing push for control

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. With ‘vaccine passports’ lockdowns, QR codes, rolling curfews, et cetera being hot topics for discussion.

Top 5 Business Tools - Covering Bases

Top 5 business tools for small business owners

Are you wondering if investing in online services is the right choice for your business? If so, just look at what other companies are doing. Reports show that 85% of small business...

Digital marketing for e-commerce

Digital marketing for e-commerce: 4 tips for boosting sales in 2022

Did you know that there are between 12-24 million eCommerce sites around the entire world? If you are looking to boost your eCommerce sales in 2022, then you are in the right place...

Graph Maker

Types of graphs and how to choose the right one for your data

So many graphs and so little time to test your data’s visuals after you’ve input them. Thankfully, most industries have their version of the best chart-making practices. All ...


5 steps to create a unique brand identity

Your brand identity matters. In fact, your brand identity is something you have to develop before you can expect your small business to grow. Brand identity is something you develo...

Netflix Streaming app

Factors that can help make your streaming app as successful as Netflix

Are you interested in making a video streaming app just like Netflix? But do you know whether it is ideal for you to make one? Let’s see why it is ideal for you to start a streamin...

Platform Economy: Small Business Finance

Never forget the importance of numbers to your business

Optics and positive sentiment are great, but at the end of the day are merely secondary drivers. A cool brand identity and state-of-the-art offices will maybe help you recruit and ...

Managing like a boss

Employee recognition: 11 things managers can improve on

Employee recognition is a token of appreciation given to employees with outstanding and exemplary performance. The essence of which is for the other employees to imitate the best p...

Business law, Immigration lawyers and Visa issues

6 reasons email marketing works for real estate recruiters

In a modern marketing world full of social media platforms and smartphone apps, there’s one medium that remains to be as effective as ever: email.

Games industry growth

What’s behind the gaming industry’s soaring revenues?

In 1958 the American physicist William Higinbotham created ‘Pong’, the world’s first video game. 63 years on from that ground-breaking release, the gaming industry has become a glo...

4 tips for young entrepreneurs

4 business ideas for young entrepreneurs

So you have decided that working a traditional 9-5 job is not for you. You’re not ready to commit to working the same schedule for the rest of your life, and instead you want to do...

SaaS Vendors

Top 25 SaaS businesses in 2022

We are often asked to compile lists as to what we deem the leading movers and shakers within the forever growing and expanding platform economy. One such request that has a recurri...

How to cultivate a data-centric culture in your company

How to cultivate a data-centric culture in your company

The decision to make your company more data-centric is definitely a big one. Whether you operate in insurance, banking, retail, or almost any other industry, your company is almost...

Increase website traffic

Top 7 tips for getting more website traffic

In this latest edition of our ‘Covering Bases’ series of blog articles, which are aimed at those just getting started and looking to bootstrap their first start-up, we ...

Platform Industry News: Twitter

Twitter and the curious case of @DrJialun

The Twitter account @DrJialun was created just weeks ago in March 2021. They had under 100 followers, used a well known stock photo, yet was somehow already verified by Twitter adm...