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IBM released the latest IBM Watson AIOps last May, which uses AI to simplify the company’s ability to self-detect, locate, and respond in real-time to unforeseen issues in IT processes.

Built on a Red Hat OpenShift basis, Watson AIOps will be used on any cloud infrastructure and operates in partnership with solution partners such as Slack and Box.

IBM has launched a wide variety of new AI-powered capabilities and services at the Think Digital conference, intended to simplify IT infrastructures and make them fully robust to potential challenges and help minimize costs. All the latest projects and the company’s current offerings have underlined the significance of artificial intelligence to the business. IBM has, as a result, split the business into two, in order to better concentrate on hybrid artificial intelligence technologies. It is said the business sees a potential of $1 trillion in this field.


Pertinently, by the end of next year, IBM will divide its IT network services unit, which consists of the hybrid cloud-based infrastructure services, into a separate entity. The new company branded as “NewCo” offers services to more than 4,600 customers in 115 countries with technical assistance.

IBM stated NewCo has a $60 billion backlog and that it would be a corporation that is publicly traded. IBM also added NewCo will maintain and revitalize infrastructure and services owned by customers.


Rob Thomas of the IBM Executive team has explained why they assign great significance to artificial intelligence in the following sentences. The growth in demand for remote working capability continues to accelerate the need for artificial intelligence technology at an exponential pace and intensity, with the effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We help the new-generation teams with automation to prioritize their digital businesses. Thus, for the application of quantitative insights, we make data processing and data analysis possible to help them produce more productive market outcomes while doing them at reduced costs.


Artificial intelligence needs data to achieve satisfactory performance, providing better suggestions and predictions as the data gets. This is a cycle. As they get better predictions, users want to take advantage of the service or even see new services or products. And they share more data. In other words, we continue to share our own lives and personal data. We can become unquestionable about giving full authorization to applications on devices.


The answer to this question varies. However, there are some reasons not to fully trust artificial intelligence software.

  • Big data is vital for artificial intelligence because, without personal data, it would not be possible to have a customized AI-based service
  • The capacity of artificial intelligence in many different fields to view and analyze data makes it impossible to state explicitly the intent of personal data collection. Likewise, it is not explicitly explained to users how this information can be processed. Generic explanations are used such as to provide a better service for you or to recommend better products and special offers
  • Even if the most user-friendly interfaces are configured for the handling of users of personal data, it is not possible to decide specifically where these personal data are stored in neural networks of artificial intelligence
  • Another technological concern is the possibility that artificial intelligence can gather and process data without people’s consent. Because everyone cannot make an inference about this. Ordinary users must rely on the statements made


For this reason, using and protecting your data is the responsibility of individuals. It is up to us to take security measures such as VPN software to control app permissions, read personal data protection agreements, and protect your information on the internet. Indeed, there are plenty of options to secure your web connection and protect your personal information with the advancement of technological tools.

  • Nowadays, actually finding the top VPNs is not difficult anymore since there are a variety of software programs in the market. What you need to is search for the most suitable security tools such as Virtual Private Networks, antivirus programs, as well as several add-ons to secure your web browser and your device
  • The maintenance and control of the computers you use are supported by operating systems. Updates of operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) are released to keep the system safe and secure against found bugs or security flaws that may occur. On your smartphone, laptop, or desktop devices, you have to make these upgrades to keep your devices updated for your protection
  • Because in the online world there are several apps, many software applications offered free of charge to individuals. Programs that are cracked or pirated software holds a significant risk, in particular. This compromised software, which you install on your device with your own hands, may give cybercriminals access to the network and device
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