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How To Build Your Brand In 3 Easy Steps

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Your company’s brand identity is its heart and soul. It influences the audience’s perception, differentiates you from the competition, and is the driving advocate of your operations. Therefore, building a solid brand that resonates with your business goals is vital.

Building your brand goes beyond coining a catchy name and designing an impressive logo. Your brand identity is reflected in all the business does. This includes your approach to customer service, advertising, marketing, onboarding team members, and partnering with other entrepreneurs. Ideally, a solid brand comprises an array of interconnecting factors designed to shift people’s feelings and thinking about your company.

With this background information, here are some tips on how to build your brand to ensure customers keep coming to buy your products:


When building your brand, you must cover your bases on what’s happening in the industry. Remember, your brand is your identity. You must check what’s already out there to avoid looking like a copycat. Aim at building something new to give customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. You can understand the current market by looking at the following:

  • The technology tools: It’s essential to understand the specific tools of trade being used in the market. Most businesses are adopting the latest technology to streamline their operations. Thus, it’s crucial to know what systems are being used to catch up with them or even go ahead and be a pioneer. As part of your branding, you could use business-specific software, like the one developed by Jobber, for scheduling and dispatching technicians, preparing quotes and invoices, and tracking the work done. Such tools also enhance customer satisfaction, becoming part of what they’ll know you for.
  • The target audience: In building your brand, you should determine your products’ ideal consumers. Knowing who’s likely to buy from you helps you design your brand elements appropriately to appeal to them. In addition, it lets you settle on a feasible marketing strategy and develop a unique voice. For instance, instead of focusing on “clothing,” a clothes company can focus on “newborn baby clothes.” This is more specific and shapes your advertising, product voice, and customer base.
  • The competitors: Here, you look at what the existing companies are doing. Look at the customers they’re currently serving. This may help you identify underserved markets which you can target. Other than that, always aim to outshine your competitors. It could be as simple as preparing your job quotes using a commercial cleaning estimate template to portray professionalism instead of doing it manually, as one of your competitors perhaps does.
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Below are vital branding elements you could use to create a unique identity and stand out from the crowd:

  • Business name: This is a defining feature of your brand. It should condense everything you sell and your ideal customers into a single phrase or word. Hence, pick a memorable and descriptive name. You could draw inspiration from your name, an emotion associated with your business, acronyms, or your geographical location.
  • Slogan: A catchy tagline is also an asset to your brand. This can be used as your website header, on your social media pages, and in other places where you need a few words to create a significant impact. Remember your slogan should be memorable, relatable, and reflect your company’s values.
  • Color and font: Once you’ve settled on your business name and slogan, think of how you’ll visually represent them. Remember, color helps you communicate emotions and feelings while maintaining consistency in everything. That said, choose a color that sets you apart from your direct competitors. A simple font face also helps in making your message clear.

How To Build Your Brand In 3 Easy Steps


To make your brand memorable, you must integrate it into all your company’s platforms, documents, and activities. First, train your employees and contractors on your brand’s voice. Next, begin drawing attention to the brand from various channels on the internet like:

  • Social media: This is an excellent way to improve your brand awareness on the internet. You can post pictures, videos, and blogs highlighting the company’s culture, core activities, and products. Social media has become essential to driving sales and audiences to your business. It encourages people to mention your brand to their friends and colleagues, thus advancing your brand.
  • Marketing campaigns: Your marketing campaigns should incorporate your branding ideals. Whether using podcasts to connect with your buyers or email newsletters, make a consistent effort to project your brand voice and image.
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Consistency is the core of building a solid brand. Your company becomes more familiar to your audience when you’re consistent offline and online.


Most successful entrepreneurs in this competitive world have spent thousands of hours building a solid, relatable brand; so should you. A brand that resonates with your prospects is a sure-fire way to maintain decent revenue and excellent customer retention. Therefore, take your time to build a distinctive brand by following the tips above. Ultimately, this distinguishes you from the competition, giving buyers a valid reason to buy from you.


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