Factors that can help make your streaming app as successful as Netflix

Netflix Streaming app

Are you interested in making a video streaming app just like Netflix? But do you know whether it is ideal for you to make one? Let’s see why it is ideal for you to start a streaming app.

Binge-watching is a new reality that meets Millennials’ current needs. Today’s modern people prefer to be engrossed in anything compelling, and Netflix meets this desire admirably, attracting viewers from all over the world.

According to some of the most astounding facts about the company, Netflix is the world’s biggest subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on the same platform. It allows licensed and rented entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray discs to be streamed via mail.

According to reports, the number of Netflix subscribers in the United States reached 154.4 million in 2019 and is expected to rise annually. By 2024, it is expected that over 180 million individuals in the United States will be watching content on the video-on-demand platform.

It’s free to download and use on iOS and Android, but there are in-app purchases. With such a diverse set of benefits that meet the needs of today’s consumers, Netflix proves to be an excellent choice for investors looking to make smart investment options.

Now we will look at some factors that can make your video streaming app a hit like Netflix.

Factors that can level-up your streaming app

There is a list of factors that you must focus on before you reach the how to start a streaming app like Netflix phase. It will help you build your app in a better way.


To summarize, video platform monetization can only be expected to be based on the subscription model. Users can now receive flexible plans for their viewers. Different plans can be added, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually, as well as free trial versions for a month. It will definitely pique the user’s interest.

Users can subscribe to all or part of the video library, allowing you to monetize the app. You must take the following steps:

  • Making a user-friendly plan
  • Regular automated payments
  • Version with a free trial period
  • Discounts/auto-updating
  • Advertisements on video
  • Video Streaming and Sharing

Netflix is the most widespread video streaming app. It has 98 million paid subscribers in 190 countries watching about 250 million hours of video a day.

Netflix allows you to watch movies, TV episodes, and documentaries on a variety of devices and provides an excellent viewing experience. Users watch movies and TV series on their televisions, and it is so simple to use that it can be handled and managed by anyone.

Netflix can also be viewed on a computer by going to netflix.com, and it also has the capability of being accessed from anywhere in the world.


Netflix has grown in popularity all across the world. As a consequence, the number of people using it has increased all over the world. Hence, you’ll need to include multi-currency support so that users can pay in the currency of their choice.


The Smart Downloads feature, as the name implies, deletes an episode when the user has done watching it and then downloads the next one using a solid Wi-Fi network. Users can avoid the hassle of manually removing and downloading content with this functionality.

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