Ensuring your standards are continually gold-tier

Ensuring standards are gold-tier

Think about the nature of the products and/or services you offer in your online venture. Depending on the clientele you serve or what kind of service you offer, some mistakes in business can be more costly than others.

For example, if your fast-food order is incorrect for instance, you’re liable to get an apology, perhaps a redemption for a free drink while they bring you your original choice. If a chef makes the same mistake in a three-Michelin star establishment, or a waiter delivers food to the wrong table on a night when an important restaurant critic is to be in attendance, that person can almost be sure of losing their job.

Some businesses simply cannot afford mistakes, and they must be stamped out repeatedly. This is not a situation where mistakes are to be learned from in action, but through thorough practice and careful consideration. We do not consider medical malpractice ‘an acceptable risk’ for instance. There are legal teams that generate their entire law firm’s revenue through catering to these kinds of cases.

So – how can you ensure your standards are continually gold-tier and above when offering an essential service?

Let’s consider:


Heighten the accountability in your firm to the extent that you can. It’s good to ensure that your staff are fairly treated. That means rewarding them when they are due, but also in meting out fair disciplinary punishments if they fail to keep up with their tasks and duties.

For instance, it might be that your staff member was technically ‘in the right’ when being rude to an incredibly testing customer, but if that reflects poorly on your brand, it’s important to educate them about it.

Furthermore, if you find that staff failed to clean down your restaurant’s kitchen as they should, or failed to keep up on their safety equipment, or didn’t report something essential, you need those measuring systems in place to figure out who had the responsibility, and a graded system to ensure they are fairly disciplined for it. An overly friendly boss is, unfortunately, a boss that rarely gains respect. Do your best to avoid this difficult fate.


It’s important to thoroughly invest in training, and to recruit well. For instance, if you need to hire the best waiters for silver service, be sure to go for those who have been trained in excellent restaurants or establishments in the past. Thoroughly interview them.

Then, you can onboard them more efficiently within your own norms. This might mean developing a crasher course that helps them understand their daily duties, what bad habits they should remove from their usual workflow, and the standards you hope to raise.

You can show them examples of staff members who have worked affably and who have failed to succeed with your norms in the past, so that they don’t make the same mistakes. Often, training seminars and courses can be invested in to ensure your staff are regularly on top of their best approach, develop and refining their strategies to make sure they are not only great staff, but staff that are well-versed in the needs of the moment. If you can achieve that, then your standards are sure to remain continually gold-tier, time and time again. That’s a powerful place to begin.


It’s one thing to expect your staff to be perfect, it’s another to give them the tools to go above and beyond. The organization is essential. It’s close to cleanliness, and they say cleanliness is close to godliness. Organization is perhaps above that.

For instance, consider support staff. They need to be able to speak to your customers in a manner that is quick, effective, and puts a stop to the issue there and then. You may see that businesses that offer this functionality often have a deep FAQ to resolve prior, answerable issues. They may use an AI bot to help sort which division of support agent the customer should speak to. Banks especially now use digital security measures to validate who you are before you even speak to a professional on the other end of the line.

Sometimes, it’s even more imperative to get things right. Think of implementing the best electronic medical records software solutions for your clinic, and you’ll never have to lose or misplace or incorrectly enter information related to a patient. It’s not hard to see how important that is. This denotes thorough organization. It allows staff to give their best from the first moment, better engaging with your customers and always speaking to them on reasonable terms. It helps your staff show their professionalism and it will also simplify their workflow in the best possible sense. If you can achieve that kind of approach, you are much more likely to build a reputation for gold standards, and your staff will feel pride in maintaining them.


It’s also essential to develop consistently affable ties to the extent that you’re able. This means being able to speak to your customers and clients as individuals worthy of respect, not just another statistic.

For instance, high-quality firms will regularly offer freebies when engaging with their clients. They might invite them into the office and offer them a tea, coffee or glass of iced water. They might even offer them free stationary, or a notepad, or something that aids them in their use of your services.

Furthermore, catching up with your clients is important. Service calls to ask how your clients are, or perhaps sending them a card at Christmas, or ensuring that they are given one professional to manage them through their entire stay at your firm can be very important. In some extreme cases, for instance in Casinos, big spenders will have their entire living suite comped while they are there.

Affable ties matter, and they don’t have to be so intensive. It’s all about valuing your guests with more than just words and platitudes. Customers notice this, and you can be sure they’ll be back if you treat them like people who are worthy of respect. Sometimes, that’s the best gold standard you can ever offer.

With this advice, we hope you standards can remain continually gold-tier. This helps elevate your business name, take pride in what you do, and will often open you up to a range of positive future outcomes.

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