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Covering Bases Marketing Strategy

In the latest edition of ‘Covering Bases’ we take a quick look at the basics of building your brand, outlining the basics that would work for most platforms, from online marketplaces through to streaming services.

If you are struggling to gain the attention that you want for your business then you do need to think about how to build up your brand identity and ensure that your company is more well known by customers on and offline. When this happens, they will push your business to other clients and ensure that word spreads.

These days, there are lots of avenues to explore when you’re doing this. For instance, social media is a fantastic tool. Many of the big social networks have millions of active followers every month. So, this is definitely an option that you should be exploring. To use social media, you need to think about how to create content that is sharable and will be of interest to your target audience.


You might also want to think about investing in promotional merch. Promotional merch is a marketing tactic that can essentially pay for itself. There are a few options to explore here but essentially you need to ensure that you are choosing merch that your customers are going to want.

If you do this, they are going to be far more likely to use it which is exactly what you need. If you explore 4All Promos guide to promotional products or a similar resource, then you will be able to find the information you need to create a winning campaign. While there’s a lot of different aspects to get right here when the pieces are in place the results can be incredible.


You should definitely explore SEO when you are trying to build up knowledge of your business. For instance, you should think about how to guarantee that the widest audience possible finds your site in the shortest amount of time. This is particularly important when you are introducing a new product or service to the market. It can be difficult to get SEO right.

However, we recommend that you think about semantic SEO and answering questions that customers have about your business with the content that you produce. It’s a natural and highly effective way to boost levels of optimization.


Finally, you could consider the option of guerilla marketing. The benefit of guerilla marketing is that the promotional tactic itself becomes a product that customers are keen to invest in. There are numerous forms of guerilla marketing. For instance, you can explore online guerilla marketing tactics.

One example of this would be the marketing campaign that Universal put in place for Jurassic World. They set up a website that suggested the park was real and a place that people could visit. With more than 1.5 billion in box office receipts, this was definitely a success.

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to build word of mouth around your brand. If you take this advice on board, you will quickly be able to build up your customer base and ensure that your company does gain the level of attention that it deserves on the market.

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