Covering bases: how to increase employees safety in the workplace

Health and Safety

Whether you operate as a start-up with just the single office, or as a public limited company with multiple workplace locations, the safety of employees in the workplace is always the number one priority.

Not only must your employees kept safe from harm in their place of work, but a lack of proper safety could lead to a devastating financial losses for the business and Directors who are deemed liable.

Businesses that prioritise health and safety are more likely to avoid life-changing accidents and being faced with litigation. In addition, putting safety first shows your employees that you care truly about their wellbeing; it shows customers and potential investors that you are a legitimate and serious business; and it covers your back for all accidents which could happen.

In the time of COVID-19, workplace safety has become a global conversation. Particularly in industrial work, where employees complete manual labour, this is even more important. Knowing the laws and requirements for your location and the type of company you run is absolutely essential, now more than ever.


If your an online marketplace that operates a warehouse, or any business involving large pieces of equipment, cooperating with those who provide safety limitations is very important. Although some safety instructions can feel restrictive and even damaging to the pace or flow of your workplace, they are there for a reason. Even if you feel as if you are more experienced in your field, or that you know better, taking the time to accept these limitations is crucial.

If, for example, you are due to have pallet racking safety inspections at your warehouse, ensure that you comply with the worker who conducts the check. Showing a welcoming attitude and a willingness to comply with any instructions is more likely to push your business higher in the estimations of health and safety officials.


It isn’t just crucial for you, as a proprietor, to keep your workers safe. It is also absolutely necessary for employees to keep themselves safe. In a larger workplace with many employees, it is impossible for any floor manager or supervisor to keep watch of every employee at once. To minimise the chances of accidents happening, all employees must be fully aware of their obligations in your workplace.

Keeping your workers informed increases their safety as well as your own; it reduces the risk of injury or even death at work, and it makes for a smooth-running enterprise.


Depending on your location, the laws and regulations for health and safety are different. The unfortunate thing is, though, that they are always complex. Although taking time out of your day to read and understand your obligations as a company owner doesn’t sound like much fun, it’s a vital exercise to ensure your employees’ safety.

Knowing your obligations and your rights as a company owner are not only essential for legal purposes, but it also boosts confidence. Being aware of your local laws and sharing these requirements with your employees gives everyone the assurance that they are doing the right thing. This aids productivity, as well as simply increases your employees’ happiness and security when at work.

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