4 tips to help your business get noticed

Tips to help build your business

Getting your business noticed in today’s e-commerce-driven world is no walk in the park. Everyone is learning the secrets to online marketing, making it harder and harder to stand out amongst the competition. 

But alas, humans are resilient creatures. There are still plenty of creative (and affordable) ways to gain the interest you need for your business to succeed. Here are five authentic tips to help you weave your way strategically in a cut-throat marketplace. 


Everyone knows that social media is a strong way to sell your products and services. But that’s where the thought process ends for most people. If you think about social media and its functional purpose a little bit longer, you’ll come to realize that it can be utilized for so much more than generating sales.

Before advertising, social media was solely popular for its ability to connect people. Making genuine human connection is part of our social nature, so it’s important not to forget to include ways of socially interacting with those that visit your pages. Seeing ad after ad is repetitive and boring, and it makes your social media profile look more like a robot than the business of real people. Take some time to mix up your posts with audience engagement. If it’s a family business, take some photos of your kids and make a post of a day you spent together.

Ask your audience how they like to spend family time. This break from advertising shows the human side of the business, helping customers gain trust as well as a genuine interest in your company.


Businesses tend to get their footing by appealing to local markets first. This means tailoring your SEO to support local traffic. In relation to your business, what exactly would your neighbors and community members likely search for?

Make a list of these terms and phrases to organize your keywords effectively. After you’ve brainstormed a collection of words, take the next step and find experts on local SEO. Experts can complete a comprehensive audit of your website to find improvement opportunities; check out this SEO audit guide to understand what kinds of information they can uncover and provide direction around.


With so many affordable website building options, taking initiative by creating your own website is an essential and easy part of getting your business noticed. Both hosting platforms and domains are broken down into monthly affordable payments on most popular web creation sites, making it easy for you to take matters into your own hands. Stand on the stage you built and let the people come to you. 


Having your own website is a great way to bypass the competition. You can target keywords and searches based on customer searches you’ve gathered in research. If you’re not sure how to include SEO on an algorithmic level, there are plenty of resources out there to help you navigate this process. While you should leave your immediate community outreach to a professional, online outreach to larger communities is something you can learn to do on your own.

Check out tutorials on YouTube for building site traffic through blogposts. If others can run a successful business online, so can you. 

Do something great

If you were looking for hacks to get your business going immediately, sorry to disappoint! The reality is that learning and then applying ways to get your business noticed is a process that takes time. It is just as involved as mastering any other skill. If you’re serious about your business, you need to accept that there really are no fast tracks to success.

The harder you work and the more time you put into building up your brand, the more you’ll get out of it when push comes to shove. Navigating the online world of business requires a stable and active framework of social connection, marketing strategy, and community fostering on both the local and extended community level. Now, go put in the work. 

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